Want people to invest because of govt., not despite it: Nath

first_imgMadhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath on Friday announced that industries seeking land would no more be required to take clearances from the government but instead had to self-declare they complied with laws, at least in the first three years.“If someone comes to the State and trusts us, we’ll trust them back. Whoever has land, they don’t have to come to us for any sort of approval,” Mr. Nath told reporters at the State government’s Investors’ Summit in Indore. “If you comply with building laws and the master plan, we will check on you three years later based on your certification.” If later they are found to be violating laws, “strict action” would be taken against them, he added. Asserting that he was not in the business of making tall claims about investments after such events, he said, “Usually investment is despite the government. I want to have it because of it.”“Investment has to be attracted not demanded,” he said. “Whatever policy you have, if investors don’t like the place and the atmosphere, they won’t invest. I didn’t want to make the event optical. We’ll talk about numbers only when there is activity on the ground.” Major challengeThe major challenge was to stir economic activity as well as create jobs, he said. “I don’t believe in just one investment policy. There should be a separate policy for disparate sectors. Only then there will be investment.” Stating that Madhya Pradesh was immune from the economic slowdown in the country, Mr. Nath claimed, “There is no slowdown here. Slowdown is based on investment sentiment. Sale of four-wheelers and consumer products has not fallen here. Automobile sales have gone up by 4% in the State. Elsewhere, it has reduced by 30%.”last_img