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first_img RelatedAmsterdam Airport Arrivals & DeparturesGet up to the minute Amsterdam Schiphol Airport departures and arrivals information with our flight status board below. Whether you’re departing from the airport or going to meet an arriving flight we have all the flight information you need. Find cheap flights direct from Amsterdam Find Airport Hotels Download our…Southampton Airport Arrivals & Departures | Live Flight InformationGet real time updates for Southampton Airport arrivals and departures. We have all the latest information you need, whether you’re departing from Southampton Airport or meeting someone on an arriving flight. Click here for all live arrival and departure information. Find cheap flights direct from Southampton Download our app Southampton…Newcastle Airport Arrivals & Departures | Live Flight InformationIf you’re heading off on holiday or meeting a friend or family member arriving at the airport you can stay up to date with the latest Newcastle Airport flight departures and arrivals information with the Skyscanner flight status board below. Find cheap flights direct from Newcastle  Download our app NCL… One of the Skyscanner team mentioned that he’d used a valet parking service at Heathrow airport the other day. This sounded remarkably flashy, expensive and very unlike him so I quizzed him about it. Many people (including me until recently) have not heard of valet parking at airports – which is a shame because it is a great idea which saves endless amounts of time and stress and is not actually too pricey.In my experience, the usual scenario for a family parking at an airport goes along the following lines: there’s lots of shouting and getting lost en route before you arrive in enormous long-stay car-park and drive three hundred miles to zone ZZZ999. You unpack twenty tons of luggage and trawl across a vast expanse of concrete to discover that the shuttle bus stop is the other direction. It begins to rain. Children complain about blisters and the shuttle bus fails to arrive. 25 minutes later with minimum check-in time getting dangerously close, the bus arrives where you squeeze on like doomed cattle and people tread on your feet. The bus unloads with lots of others who are all on your flight and you stand at the end of the check-in line, steaming gently from the rain and feeling exhausted before you’ve even got near a plane.Or of course you could drive to right outside terminal 3 at Heathrow where you are met by a nice chauffeur who helps you unpack, takes your car away and parks it for you in a secure compound. Upon your return to Heathrow, your car is waiting for you outside your terminal building and off you go back home.There are a number of companies that offer this service at airports all over Britain. As our largest airport, I picked Heathrow as an example and investigated the costs quoted by various companies. The table below shows just a few of the results:Prices to park at Heathrow T3 BAA Official ParkingLong Stay Parking providerParking OptionTransfer timeCost (£) Business ParkingValet parkingShort stay special | 8-15 mins bus4-8 mins bus0 mins2-5 min walk | 99.00115.00147.90273.00Purple Parking* | Long Stay_** Valet parking_Park&Ride premium | 10-15 mins bus0 mins10-15 mins bus | 64.63100.4680.36NCP | NCP car parkShort stay T3 | 5-10 mins walk5 mins walk | 84.00273.00Happy Days Parking | Off airport parking | 10 mins bus | 69.95UB8 Parking | Off airport parking | 10 mins bus | 74.99Star Parking | Valet parking | 0 mins | 111.63Chauffered Parking Services | Valet parking | 0 mins | 147.90 * Prices here are shown for members only. Membership is free.** This option means you drive to the long stay and the car is returned to you at the terminal when you come back.Prices correct as at 10-24 November 2007Clearly there are quite a range of prices out there but we’ve highlighted what we believe to be one of the better deals out there. Regardless of which parking company you pick, it’s probably best not to leave your car in a short stay car park whilst you’re away. Two weeks at Heathrow, will cost you nearly nine hundred pounds – you could buy another holiday for that.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img