Intel recalls Basis fitness smartwatches as they literally make you feel the

first_imgThe Basis Peak was widely regarded as one of the best fitness wearables on the market. Unfortunately, it seems that the Peak took feeling the burn to a whole new level.Numerous users reported receiving burns to their wrists after their Basis Peak started overheating. An investigation revealed that the culprit was actually one of the Peak’s most distinguishing features: its highly-accurate heart rate monitor.The Basis Peak had a lot of fans in fitness circles, and its heart rate tracking was one of the big reasons why it did. The signature green glow from the LEDs on the Peak’s underside helped it take those readings… and also helped push temperatures in the watch to skin-blistering levels.That little fireball icon… now seems eerily propheticHow bad is it really? Intel’s announcement says that only 0.2% of Peak owners have actually reported injuries. The defect, however, could impact any watch that the company made between August 2014 and July 2015.The situation is serious enough that Intel — who purchased Basis in 2014 for $100 million — doesn’t want to take any chances. They’ve issued a recall for pretty much every Basis Peak ever sold and are even urging owners of older models that don’t have this particular fault to return those, too.Intel is also issuing full refunds, and not just for the Basis Peak. Any first-party accessories — such as charging docks and extra watch bands — that owners purchased to complement their Peak can be sent back as well. That includes Intel CEO and generally fit guy Brian Krzanich, who was regularly spotted wearing one of the watches.They’re also doing everything they can to make sure that owners comply. They’re giving an extra nudge by completely shutting down all Peak services this New Year’s Eve.last_img