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Atcos plans for power line in Jasper National Park meeting resistanceAtcos plans for power line in Jasper National Park meeting resistance

first_imgCALGARY – The roar of the chainsaw could soon join the calls of the wild in Jasper National Park as Atco Ltd. looks to string power across the town within the UNESCO World Heritage preserve.The Calgary-based power company maintains that a transmission line is the cheapest option for replacing the aging generators that currently power the off-grid town of Jasper. But those opposed to the plan say it will obscure the scenic vistas and threaten wildlife, so more alternatives should be explored.It’s the latest thread in the ongoing tension between the need to meet growing energy demands and local activists’ concerns about the impact of development ranging from pipelines to wind power.“Jasper’s not an average small town. It’s the centre of a world-famous national park, and it’s an important world tourist destination. So, to have these poles going in is really going to look pretty awful,” said Jill Seaton of the Jasper Environmental Association.“We’re going to end up with 483 power poles stretching 47 kilometres across the park. They’re not going to be able to hide all of them. There’s some areas where they’re going to be blatantly obvious.”The utility company conducted “extensive” stakeholder consultations before deciding the power line was the right choice, according to Guillaume Vachon, Atco’s director of engineering and project management.“There was a lot of work to assess if this solution was even feasible,” he said.The plan calls for replacing the roughly 14 megawatts of natural gas and diesel-powered generators that currently operate north of the town with the power line stretching east out of the park to the Alberta grid.Jasper mayor Richard Ireland says the town hasn’t taken a hard position either way on the project, but that his main concern is reliability of power. Parks Canada says it is reviewing the impact assessment filed this summer and so is not yet ready to comment on the proposal.The Alberta Utilities Commission will hold a hearing on the project, which starts Dec. 12.Atco studied alternatives, and found that over a 40-year span, replacing and maintaining the current system in the town area would cost more than $140 million, compared with about $79 million for the power line and plant decommissioning, plus another $28.5 million for Altalink to attach the line to the grid, Vachon said.He added that options on renewables like wind and solar would mean more land disturbance in the park, while the power line plan reduces fossil fuel burning within Jasper.“You would need more land for sure, to disturb new land to put these renewable infrastructures.”Vachon said the company has taken measures to minimize the impact of the project, including doing much of the work in winter to lower disturbances on wildlife and tourism, while the route itself runs along already disturbed land by following Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain route pipeline and roadways.Atco has also kept the planned buffer around the line to 10 metres, smaller than the typical 18-metre path, which it said will limit the amount of vegetation that needs to be cleared to about 30 hectares.But even as Atco works to lessen the project’s impact, some still question whether a power line is the right solution.“Are we seriously going to, in this day and age, run a massive transmission line to supply a tiny load?” said Peter Bubik, who is familiar with the complex world of private utilities though his work as principal at energy storage firm Turning Point Generation.Bubik — noting his own company would have nothing to gain from the process — said the regulator should open the replacement process to a competitive bid, as opposed to the single proposal from Atco that the Alberta Electric System Operator has considered.“Maybe this is an opportunity for Jasper to shine in the world’s eyes,” said Bubik.“I am confident that someone would be able to find a more green, environmentally friendly solution than what Atco is proposing here.”last_img read more

The part about the letter IVThe part about the letter IV

first_imgFULL SPECIAL REPORTBy Jorge BarreraAPTN National NewsJohn Crosbie, the lieutenant-governor of Newfoundland and Labrador, says he wrote the letter to the immigration minister as a favour for a friend who wanted to buy the Quebec-based Laurentian Bank of Canada.Monte Solberg was the Conservative government’s Immigration minister at the time.Crosbie, 80, wrote Solberg asking him to intervene and prevent the expulsion of Michael Chamas‘ common-law wife, a French citizen named Brigitte Garas, from Canada.Garas and Chamas, along with their two children, were going through customs at Montreal’s Pierre Elliot Trudeau airport after a trip to Switzerland and Dubai on July 5, 2006, when a Canada Border Services Agency official noticed a red flag on her file.The CBSA agent saw a note that had been inserted by another customs officer in 2002. The note indicated that Garas had been told to apply for permanent residency within six months.Garas hadn’t applied for permanent residency, even though she had been living in Canada for about a decade, and had given birth to a second child in the country. The CBSA agent ruled her inadmissible and she was ordered to leave by July 21.Chamas then called Juanita Cree, who was his assistant at the time and she contacted Montreal immigration lawyer Cheryl Ann Buckley, who took on the case.Cree said she also phoned David Bernstein who said he knew how to help. Bernstein was a Montreal bankruptcy lawyer and Conservative fundraiser. He had close ties to Crosbie and other prominent Conservatives and was three times a Tory candidate in the 1970s and in 1980.“He said yes, we can take care of this, it’s not a problem,” said Cree.Bernstein had heard about Chamas from Cree and believed he was a Swiss banker involved in international investing.There was an expectation that Chamas would help out with some “projects” in exchange for the political favour, said Cree. One of those projects was the purchase of the Laurentian Bank, which was rumoured to be up for grabs.So Bernstein contacted his friend Crosbie.On Friday, July 14, a legal assistant with St. John’s law firm Patterson Palmer sent an email, carbon-copied to Bernstein, with a subject line that said “Brigitte Garas.” Attached to the email was a letter from Crosbie.“A friend and supporter of our party has contacted me from Montreal in connection with Brigitte Garas, a French citizen who has been living as a common law wife of a Canadian citizen, Michael Chamas, for over 11 years,” wrote Crosbie, in the July 14, 2006, letter. “It would be much appreciated if you could have this matter looked into and make a decision as to whether you should exercise your discretion and have the expulsion order suspended or whatever appears to be the proper treatment.”The letter.Download (PDF, 57KB)According to Cree, Garas’ file was then handled by “Ottawa.”“The letter was just the beginning of it,” said Cree. “This was to make sure we got a ministerial permit in place…to get her paperwork approved for her permanent residency, it was the whole kit…This is why in the end, the involvement of Ottawa was all the way through this entire process.”Buckley sent an application on July 13 to obtain a temporary residence permit to allow Garas to stay in Canada.On July 19, Buckley received a call from Solberg’s office to inform her that a temporary residence permit would be issued. It would be good for a year.That same day, Bernstein emailed Solberg’s aide Alison Stodin thanking her for “your understanding and prompt action.”Stodin said the issue had been dealt with by Solberg.“This was brought to the minister and a decision has been taken that will mean that Mrs. Garas will not be compelled to leave the country on July 21,” wrote Stodin. “However, this is somewhat complicated so I would like to either speak with you directly on phone or directly to Mrs. Garas.”The email.Download (PDF, Unknown)Solberg, who chose not to run in the 2008 federal election, said in an email to APTN National News he doesn’t remember the issue or the letter from Crosbie.“I don’t recall receiving this at all. Given that it’s from John Crosbie,I’m pretty certain that I would have remembered if I had ever seen it,” wrote Solberg, who was sent a copy of the letter and the emails.Crosbie, however, remembers sending the letter.“I wrote the letter to Immigration Minister Solberg at the request of Bernstein since the information I was given indicated that the wife of Chamas had been treated unfairly,” wrote Crosbie, in an email to APTN National News. “I asked the minister to review that. I never heard anything from the minister in response to the letter.”Crosbie said in an interview with APTN National News that Bernstein wanted the letter sent to Solberg as part of a plan to raise funds for the purchase of the Laurentian Bank.“(Bernstein) wanted me to do this in connection with his interest in trying to see if we could get sufficient funding raised to get control of the bank in Quebec. It was something about that. It never went anywhere,” said Crosbie. “It was just a minor incident, years ago, when I was a friend of Bernstein, he was seeing if I could help him do something, that is all, it never got anywhere and there is no story in it.”Garas’ temporary permit was again renewed in 2007 for another year and Buckley continued to work securing her temporary permit on humanitarian grounds.Garas gave birth to a third child during this time.Then, according to Buckley, things turned against Garas, and it became obvious that it was being driven by “Ottawa.”“I got the impression that Ottawa was sticking its fingers everywhere,” she said.On March 12, 2008, Buckley received a phone call from an immigration official.“They wanted significant proof as to her establishment and monetary support,” said Buckley. “They banged on the monetary support by her common-law husband.”Buckley said she believes Revenue Canada was trying to extract information about Chamas’ financial affairs through Garas’ immigration case.Chamas was fighting Revenue Canada over millions of dollars in back taxes. Chamas claimed he didn’t have to pay taxes because all his business was done overseas where he resided.“It was like, ‘see if we can’t get him, see what we can get out of her stupid attorney who is doing the immigration and find out where Brigitte’s money is coming from,’” she said. “It was more than an impression.”Buckley said that as time progressed, the immigration official she dealt with began to repeatedly refer to Ottawa whenever she wanted information.“It later got worse in 2009 when they kept saying Ottawa is asking, Ottawa is telling me to do this,” said Buckley. “I just kept referring them to the tax attorney.”Buckley, who added a complementary sponsorship application to the original humanitarian and compassionate grounds application, said money issues do not apply to spouses unless they are bankrupt, according to the department’s own forms.In her over 20 years in practice, Buckley said she had never been asked the type of detailed financial questions she faced on the Garas file.“They don’t ask for specifics on cars, or how do you pay your bills, or who is underwriting you or where is your money coming from. That I have never been asked before,” said Buckley. “Ever.”Then on July 9, 2008, Buckley was told by telephone by immigration official Suzanne Pelletier that the department would be refusing another extension to the temporary residence permit.The department had only received the application in their Vegreville, Alta., office the day before, said Buckley.Pelletier also said that the humanitarian and compassionate grounds application would also be rejected.“I didn’t have a letter of refusal, I had nothing. That didn’t come for another six months,” Buckley said. “They were basically telling that it would be refused…and because that will be refused the (temporary residency permit) will be refused…it defies logic this case.”Buckley said she had never dealt with an immigration official acting as an intermediary with Ottawa before a case had been decided.“This is interference by Ottawa before a decision has been made,” she said.In a letter to Pelletier, Buckley said the department’s handling of the case was “taking a more sinister tone.”On September 19, 2008, the department officially refused to issue another temporary permit and Garas was ordered to leave the country, according to Federal Court documents. On April 27, 2009, her application for permanent residency was also rejected.The decision was challenged in Federal Court, but the rejection was upheld in a ruling delivered Dec. 8, 2010.Garas was forced to leave the country with her three children.Solberg said in an email that Chamas’ criminal charges resulting from Operation Cancun would have been enough to get her “bounced” from the country.jbarrera@aptn.calast_img read more

UN official urges Iraqi religious leaders to foster solidarityUN official urges Iraqi religious leaders to foster solidarity

In an address to the inaugural meeting of the Executive Committee of the Iraq Inter-religious Council/Religions for Peace, Ramiro Lopes da Silva said the spiritual guidance of participants will be crucial for the country’s future. “It needs your unity to face the threat of disintegration. It needs your collective will to care for its needy and vulnerable. It needs your cohesive resolve to restore its sovereignty and reoccupy its rightful place among peace-loving nations,” he said.Mr. Lopes da Silva also recalled the country’s historical importance in the spiritual development of humanity. “It is in Iraq that Christianity and Judaism had flourished for centuries and coexisted peacefully with Islam, both Shiite and Sunni.”Islam, he stressed, “attaches an inalienable right to life and the dignity of the human person regardless of faith.” He added that the Islamic teachings “contributed immeasurably and are a boundless source of support to the international human rights and humanitarian law.”Recalling Iraq’s recent dark history, marked by massive human rights violations including the previous regime’s “genocidal tactics in Iraqi Kurdistan,” the Humanitarian Coordinator said religious leaders would play a key role in the healing process. “The sooner you show unity and resolve to the followers of your faiths and sects, the faster will the aggrieved individuals and communities be able to overcome and cope with their traumas and losses,” he said. “The leaders of the different religious faiths in Iraq cannot allow religion to be used as a tool for tribal, ethnic or political divisions,” he cautioned.The current democratic transition in Iraq must be guided by a spirit of unity, he said. “The ongoing discussions should move from the issue of the ‘number of seats’ allocated to this or that group in this or that committee or public office to a healthy debate on how all Iraqis should be living and working together,” he said, adding that religious leaders have the responsibility “not only to further, but also to lead the search for common ground identifying what unites all Iraqis.”Voicing concern about “the present state of frailty of the public services, the tenuous state of law and order, the general lack of employment and poverty,” Mr. Lopes da Silva expressed hope that the meeting would serve to identify areas where the UN and the Executive Committee can work together “so that the assistance conveyed through us becomes even more effective.” read more

Pace of Canadian housing construction slows in most regions Quebec sees growthPace of Canadian housing construction slows in most regions Quebec sees growth

Pace of Canadian housing construction slows in most regions; Quebec sees growth by The Canadian Press Posted Sep 8, 2016 11:18 am MDT Last Updated Sep 8, 2016 at 12:00 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email OTTAWA – Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. says the pace of housing construction slowed in August, mostly because of a decline in multi-unit projects.The seasonally adjusted rate of housing starts last month was 182,703 units, down six per cent from 194,663 units in July.CMHC says the six-month trend — which smoothes out month-to-month variations — slipped by about three per cent to 195,640 units started in August from 201,379 units started in July.The bulk of the decline was due to a drop in multiple-unit dwellings in urban areas, which fell by 7.3 per cent month-over-month to 111,378 units in August, on a seasonally adjusted basis.There was a smaller decline in urban single-detached houses in August, which fell by 3.7 per cent month-over-month to 56,501 units, seasonally adjusted.CMHC says most of Canada’s regions saw a decline in urban housing starts last month. Only Quebec showed an increase.The agency officially released the monthly statistics on Thursday afternoon — ahead of schedule — due to a technical malfunction that published some of the information prematurely late Wednesday. The release was originally scheduled for Friday morning. read more

IHF choosing Worlds Best Coaches for 2011IHF choosing Worlds Best Coaches for 2011

On the official webpage of the International Handball Federation a voting is taking place to choose the World’s Best Coaches for 2011 in both male and female competition. The options to vote for in the male competition are:Male: Ulrik Wilbek (DEN), Claude Onesta (FRA), Valero Lopez Rivera (SPA), Alfred Gislasson (THW Kiel), Eduardo Gallardo (ARG)Female: Thorir Hergeirsson (NOR), Olivier Krumbholz (FRA), Dragan Adzic (MNE), Morten Soubak (BRA), Francisco Eduardo (ANG)Those wishing to vote click here. ← Previous Story Vive Targi Kielce started season with a win! Next Story → Rojewski and Landsberg prolong contracts with SC Magdeburg IHFInternational Handball FederationonestavotingWilbek

Handball in Bosnia and Herzegovina close to be suspended by EHFHandball in Bosnia and Herzegovina close to be suspended by EHF

“A big mess” is the best explanation of handball in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Talented nation for handball, home of some Champions Cup winners like RK Borac Banja Luka or birthplace of one of the best female player in the history of our game – Svetlana Ceca Kitic, suffering from lack of organization on all the levels.Handball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina doesn’t exist practically. An organization which led handball in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1994 wasn’t initially legal, after many years ended with debt which is around 1.7-1.8 mil EUR. At the end of story, two constitutive elements of Federation, Bosnian-Croatian federation and Republika Srpska federation made a legal Federation during 2017, who didn’t get a tax ID number from the State.That means that all possible financial incomes are blocked as State doesn’t want to give a green-light for work until the previous debt doesn’t be covered.The secretary general of Federation, Lejla Hairlahovic, resigned with an open-letter on Facebook, while the European Handball Federation announced suspension if situation doesn’t change until August 20.That could put out Bosnian national team from the Men’s EHF EURO 2020 qualification process, but also clubs from European Cup competitions.For the beginning, there are some voices that General Assembly will be organized in next few days. Handball in Bosnia and Herzegovina ← Previous Story Lukas Mertens and SC Magdeburg together four years more Next Story → DEBT TO ZERO: RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko end process of “fiscal consolidation” after four years read more

Challenge to Childrens Referendum dismissed by High CourtChallenge to Childrens Referendum dismissed by High Court

first_imgTHE HIGH COURT has dismissed a challenge to the Children’s Referendum which passed in November last year.Justice Paul McDermott rejected Joanna Jordan’s petition in his judgement today, stating that she failed to provide evidence that unconstitutional behaviour – in the form of a use of public money to fund an unbalanced information campaign – affected the outcome of the vote on 10 November.He said the onus was on the challenger to prove the government’s information campaign, which was subject to a successful Supreme Court challenge, had such an impact on the electorate as to produce a majority in favour of the proposal.Jordan had unsuccessfully argued that she merely had to claim it had an impact on the Referendum as a whole – and not on the result.The Children’s Referendum passed by a margin of 58 per cent to 42 per cent based. Turnout on the day was quite low at 33.49 per cent.Speaking at the Four Courts, Barnardos, the Children’s Rights Alliance and the Irish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC) welcomed the decision.“We strongly welcome today’s detailed and thorough judgment by the High Court to accept the validity of the Children’s Referendum. The people of Ireland clearly voted in favour of amending the Constitution that will make a positive difference in children’s lives, especially those most vulnerable,” noted Fergus Finlay of Barnardos.“Children have waited long enough so now we must begin to put in place the legislation and policy that will ensure children’s best interests are taken into account and their voices heard.”Kenny: We have failed too many childrenSupreme Court says Government’s Referendum site ‘not fair, equal or impartial’Turnout as low as 2 per cent in some polling stationslast_img read more

Xbox One records last 5 minutes of gameplay saves 30 second clipsXbox One records last 5 minutes of gameplay saves 30 second clips

first_imgWhen Sony announced the PlayStation 4 it made a big deal of the sharing features the console included. With a push of the Share button on the DualShock 4, you can share up to 15 minutes of gameplay that the PS4 automatically records. However, that time limit could be reduced to as low as 7 minutes, as Sony has yet to confirm exact timing.Now Microsoft has confirmed it is including a similar feature on the Xbox One, but it only records the last 5 minutes of gameplay. The recording will happen continuously as you play and will just reserve part of the Xbox One’s hard drive to store the video data.Confirmation of the 5 minute time limit was made by Ken Lobb, creative director of Microsoft Studios. He also confirmed that when playing games online players will have the ability to say “Xbox Record.” Kinect will then interpret that and make the Xbox One save off the last 30 seconds of recorded gameplay.Why the distinction between the two types of recording? Lobb explained that the 30 seconds on-demand recording is for when you can’t stop playing because it’s an online match, but just did something really cool. It allows you to carry on playing and have the video available to edit later.The 5 minute auto recording can be accessed at any time by pausing your game. You can then edit it together however you see fit, and even record footage of yourself using the Kinect camera to include in the video as picture-in-picture. Once you’re happy, you can share the video via social services, e.g. on YouTube.The on-console recording is limited, but Microsoft does have another feature that makes up for it to some extent. And that comes in the form of Twitch integration, which allows for game streaming through the service alongside much longer broadcast recording. Basically, if you want to record your entire gaming session you should be able to just by hooking up to Twitch first.last_img read more

Les plus grandes toiles daraignée du monde photographiées à Madagascar en imagesLes plus grandes toiles daraignée du monde photographiées à Madagascar en images

first_imgLes plus grandes toiles d’araignée du monde photographiées à Madagascar, en imagesMadagascar – Une équipe de scientifiques de l’université de Puerto Rico a découvert des toiles d’araignée pouvant atteindre plusieurs mètres de large, dans le parc national d’Andasibe-Mantadia.”Les rangers du parc connaissaient ces toiles d’araignée, et je pense qu’ils les montraient aux touristes depuis longtemps” explique le zoologue Ingi Agnarsson. L’espèce tissant ces gigantesques toiles, baptisée Caerostris darwini, était pourtant inconnue de la communauté scientifique jusqu’à ce que l’homme et ses collègues de l’université de Puerto Rico ne la décrivent officiellement. À lire aussiLa plus grosse araignée du monde surprend un scientifique en pleine forêtD’autres espèces grégaires, comme les araignées sociales tropicales, bâtissent elles-aussi d’immenses toiles communes mais les chercheurs ont découvert à Madagascar des structures de soie possédant des lignes d’ancrage (fils stabilisant la structure centrale de la toile d’araignée) de 25 mètres de long, faisant de C. darwini l’araignée solitaire tissant les plus grandes toiles du monde. Plusieurs douzaines d’insectes peuvent se retrouver pris au piège de ces gigantesques pièges, bâtis par les femelles et les jeunes mâles, dont le corps ne dépasse pourtant pas les deux centimètres. Les mâles adultes ne tissent plus, et se concentrent entièrement à la reproduction et la quête de partenaires sexuels.  Découvrez les photos : 20 septembre 2010 à 12:27 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Il existerait plus de 320 000 virus chez les mammifèresIl existerait plus de 320 000 virus chez les mammifères

first_imgIl existerait plus de 320 000 virus chez les mammifèresDes scientifiques ont estimé le nombre total de virus existant chez les mammifères, et souhaitent lancer une grande campagne de référencement globale.Les virus sont parmi les organismes les moins bien connus du monde vivant. Seule une infime partie d’entre eux sont répertoriés et étudiés. C’est pourquoi des scientifiques de la fondation EcoHealth Alliance et de l’université de Columbia ont cherché à estimer le nombre de virus existant rien que chez les mammifères et ils sont arrivés à un chiffre impressionnant : 320.000. Ils espèrent ainsi que leurs travaux serviront à attirer l’attention sur l’étude et la prévention des virus, afin de mieux anticiper les épidémies qui touchent l’Homme.Une connaissance biaiséePrès de 70% des maladies virales émergentes sont des zoonoses, transmises de l’animal à l’homme (et vice-versa). Pourtant, il n’existait jusqu’à présent aucune estimation du nombre de virus existant dans la nature. “Historiquement, les démarches d’investigation étaient beaucoup trop aléatoires” explique Simon Anthony, auteur de l’étude parue dans le journal mBio. “Ce que nous savons des virus est biaisé par ceux qui ont déjà touché les humains et émergé en tant que maladies. Mais le pool de virus existants, y compris ceux qui sont dangereux pour l’Homme, est beaucoup plus grand. Une approche plus systématique, multidisciplinaire est requise si nous voulons comprendre ce qui contrôle la diversité virale.”Pour obtenir le chiffre estimé de 320.000 virus, les chercheurs se sont intéressés à une chauve-souris du Bangladesh, les roussettes ou renards volants. L’équipe a récolté 1.897 échantillons biologiques sur des individus capturés puis relâchés, avant de les analyser en laboratoire. Une cinquantaine de virus ont ainsi été dénombrés, dont seulement 5 étaient déjà connus. En extrapolant aux 5.486 espèces de mammifères connus, ils arrivent à une estimation de 320.000 virus. Qui bien sûr n’est qu’un point de départ, pour se donner une idée globale.Économie mondialeLes maladies émergentes causent à la fois des problèmes sociaux et économiques. Les pertes économiques liées au seul SRAS sont estimées entre 15 et 50 milliards de dollars. Or, selon les scientifiques, référencer les virus d’une seule espèce coûterait 1,2 million, et si l’on le faisait pour toutes les espèces de mammifères, le coût global serait de 6,3 milliards.À lire aussiPourquoi certains s’évanouissent-ils à la vue du sang ?Une broutille comparée à ce que coûtent chaque année les épidémies du SIDA ou de grippes. En réduisant l’investigation à 85% des espèces, les scientifiques estiment pouvoir baisser les coûts à 1,4 milliards.Prévention “Pour citer Benjamin Franklin, une once de prévention vaut mieux qu’une livre de guérison” déclare W. Ian Lipkin, directeur du CII(Center for Infection and Immunity), à l’université de Colombia. “Notre but est de produire la connaissance virale requise pour que les intervenants de la santé publique mondiale puissent anticiper et répondre aux défis constants des maladies infectieuses émergentes”.Ce genre de référencement à grande échelle est en cours par le projet PREDICT, fondé par l’USAID(United States Agency for International Development), dont cette étude fait partie.PREDICT a déjà découvert 240 nouveaux virus à travers le monde, dans des zones où la proximité hommes-animaux est forte.Le 4 septembre 2013 à 09:49 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Halfway House making progress residents concern about naked man in Grace BayHalfway House making progress residents concern about naked man in Grace Bay

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TurksandCaicos, August 22, 2017 – Providenciales – A building is up and it seems to be ready to be topped off by a roof and while there was no one at the site today, there is construction obviously going on at the home of the soon to come Halfway House in Providenciales.    The previous Government broke ground on the site in November 2016, the current government handed over a $150,000 cheque in February of 2017 for the work to begin and many believe the effort is gravely needed for the 30 plus mentally challenged living in the Turks and Caicos.New discussion on the halfway house, which is a long time effort of the #DrugPreventionFoundation and the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Department of the Ministry of Health resurfaced when there was a report and images captured on Monday of a man, running naked through the Grace Bay shopping district in Provo.  The situation highlights the ongoing need for the special assistance and rehabilitative care the center will provide upon completion.The halfway house was originally announced for completion in 2017 and is located in the South Dock area.#MagneticMediaNews Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:#DrugPreventionFoundation, #magneticmedianewslast_img read more

Acura MDX PMC Edition will pop out of NSX factory after TLXAcura MDX PMC Edition will pop out of NSX factory after TLX

first_img 2019 Acura NSX review: Hitting its stride Acura MDX PMC Edition is a hand-assembled SUV in brilliant red paint reading • Acura MDX PMC Edition will pop out of NSX factory after TLX finishes up Apr 19 • Acura MDX PMC Edition is a hand-assembled SUV in brilliant red paint See All 19 Photos Apr 19 • Check out the gory details in Honda’s IIHS crash-tested HR-V May 29 • 2020 Ford Escape: Everything there is to know • Tags 2020 Toyota Supra review: A solid sports car that’s rife with controversy Enlarge ImageIf you think the paint looks good in photos, just wait until you see it in person. It’s on another level. Steven Pham/Roadshow At the 2019 New York Auto Show, Acura debuted the TLX PMC Edition. PMC stands for Performance Manufacturing Center, the small-volume specialty facility in Marysville, Ohio, where it builds the NSX. The TLX PMC is a special handbuilt variant of the TLX sedan that includes a trim and package combination that ordinarily couldn’t be ordered together. But once all 360 examples are built, Acura will add the PMC badge to yet another vehicle in its stable.In addition to the NSX and TLX PMC hanging out on stage in New York, there’s a similarly painted MDX. That is the MDX PMC, which will become the second PMC vehicle to be manufactured in Marysville. Acura didn’t yet say how many would be built, but it’s likely to be near the TLX PMC’s 360-vehicle run. The process is likely similar to how the TLX PMC is made. Acura starts with a body-in-white of a TLX A-Spec with all-wheel drive, but it’s whisked off the production line at that point. From there, PMC’s technicians hand-assemble the vehicle, including major components like the drivetrain and electrics. The cars are put through the same battery of tests as the NSX, and the TLX PMC also receives the NSX’s deep-as-the-ocean red paint job. There’s also a set of unique wheels, a body-colored grille surround and dark chrome exhaust tips, in addition to a complement of options that can’t usually be ordered together.Somewhat surprisingly, all that stuff doesn’t add that much to the car’s bottom line. Configuring a regular TLX to the specification found in PMC models will set a person back $46,000 before accessories, so it’s only a couple grand to have PMC’s experts put the vehicle together. There’s no crazy process required to order one, either — just hop over to the dealer and sign a document where you agree to give them around $50,000 in exchange for a car. Pretty standard stuff.It’s unclear if the MDX PMC will sport all the same kit as the TLX PMC, but there’s one thing we do know — it won’t be cheap. Configuring a 2019 MDX on Acura’s website with as much kit as one can reliably expect from the PMC version returns a $58,000 price tag at the minimum, so it won’t be obscene to expect that the MDX PMC would push into the $60,000 range. But for a handbuilt crossover that special, it’ll be worth it to those die-hards.center_img New York Auto Show 2019 New York Auto Show 2019 Acura 2019 Nissan Maxima review: The ‘four-door sports car’ that isn’t Apr 19 • Volkswagen’s US CEO says around $25,000 would be a smart price for a small pickup SUVs Luxury cars Comment Share your voice More From Roadshow 1 Acuralast_img read more

Missing German tourist Lisa Wieses sister seeks help from Kerala govt toMissing German tourist Lisa Wieses sister seeks help from Kerala govt to

first_imgMissing German tourist Lisa WiesePR HandoutKaroline Heling, the sister of 31-year-old German tourist Lisa Wiese, who had gone missing in Thiruvananthapuram three months ago, says that her sister visited the place to find some inner peace.The report of the alleged missing of the German woman has come a year after the brutal killing of a 33-year-old woman tourist “Liga Skromane” from Latvia which had rocked the state. After what happened to her sister, Ilze Skromane, sister of Liga Skromane, has been constantly following up such cases, especially the missing people’s cases in Kerala, in her FB post after a conversation with Lisa’s sister Keroline she commented: “Only God knows what her family is going through now.”Soon after she came to know about the missing of Lisa from her friends at Kerala, Ilze started search operation from her end with the help of social media, she managed to find a contact of Karoline, Lisa’s Wiese sister, to offer all possible help in finding her.It could have proved hard for the two women to communicate, as Karoline is not comfortable with English which also makes the whole situation harder for the family, but with the help of Ilze’s German friend they were able to communicate and gather all the important information.”It was not Lisa’s first time visiting India. She had travelled to Kerala in 2011 and stayed at Amrithapuri for two months. After the visit, she moved to Berlin and converted to Islam. In 2012 Lisa moved to Cairo and joined an Islamic Commune, where she met her partner a US citizen and got married. In 2013 she gave birth to her first son Abbas, one year later to her second son Mohammed, Karoline said in a statement to IBTimes India. Missing German tourist Lisa Wiese with her son and sisterPR Handout”Unfortunately her marriage didn’t work out and in 2016 Lisa got divorced. She is such a loving and great mother, her sons keep asking about their Mom, it is heartbreaking. Later in 2016, she moved to Cologne in Germany with her children and started living with a Muslim commune. Two years later they moved to Sweden. Before she left for India, our grandmother and her children went to visit their dad in the US,” Karoline added.Lisa Wiese’s sister continued, “On March 5, 2019, Lisa had a video call with her son, she said she would get in touch after three weeks. Next day, she left Sweden and via Dubai reached Trivandrum, Lisa was accompanied by a friend from the UK, Mohammed Ali, and possibly another Swedish friend.”The police have confirmed that it was on March 7 Lisa arrived at Thiruvananthapuram International Airport. “Last time we heard from my sister was on March 10, Lisa called Mom and said, “I’m in India now!” It was a brief conversation and Mom said she sounded very happy. Lisa is very strong and decisive, we didn’t want to disturb her as she wanted to spend some days alone at Amma’s Ashram,” said Karoline.”After three weeks, we didn’t get any updates from her. Lisa’s son’s birthday was coming up and when she didn’t call we got very worried, Lisa would never miss that. We tried to contact her but there wasn’t any positive response. We had no other choice in front of us except contacting the German Embassy in Delhi. They made inquiries to see if Lisa has been registered with the police, hospital, or some Ashrams and stopped the search saying that Lisa is an adult and can decide herself when to get in touch,” added Karoline”We got more worried by the day but we didn’t know what to do. On June 9, together with Mom we filed a missing person’s complaint in Flensburg Police in Germany. Our complaint was handed over to German Consulate and they filed the complaint to State Police Chief of Kerala, Mr Loknath Behra,” Karoline concluded.Police have started a probe under the supervision of Shanghumughom, Assistant commissioner R Illango on the incident after registering a case at the direction of the State Police Chief. Police have checked with emigration authorities, to find out if Lisa could have left the country but she hasn’t exited even though her visa has also expired. Police are trying to contact the person who accompanied her to find out more details. A state-wide probe has started to find Lisa and return her to family. Police are verifying whether she reached Amritapuri.last_img read more

Letting the caged birds singLetting the caged birds sing

first_imgBecause I am a Girl (BIAAG) is a global initiative of Plan to promote girl’s rights and lift them out of poverty. It is geared towards equipping, enabling and engaging girls of all ages to acquire the assets, skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in life. Plan India is attempting to initiate change at a number of levels (local, national and international) with the assistance of a number of partners.An historic milestone for girl’s rights was reached on December 19, 2011 – as the UN General Assembly formally declared October 11 as the International Day of the Girl Child. Plan globally helped lead the call for this commemorative day as part of the Because I Am A Girl initiative. Plan India’s BIAAG goal is that girls enroll and complete quality primary and secondary education in a safe and supportive community environment and acquires the skills they need to access decent economic opportunities. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Girls have time and space to become active citizens and develop safe social networks and life skills. Plan India will continue to bring out an annual report on the State of the Girl Child. Plan India works in partnership with girls, boys, their families and communities and government institutions to realise its goal in achieving gender equality and girl’s empowerment and rights.The BIAAG Urban Programme or Safer Cities is a joint programme developed in partnership between Plan, Women in Cities International, and UN-HABITAT. The over arching goal of the programme is to build safe, accountable, and inclusive cities with and for adolescent girls in all their diversity. Let Girls Be Born is one of the flagship projects of Plan India which endeavours to empower the community against gender based sex selective elimination and ensure the right of girls to equality, identity, survival and citizenship.last_img read more

Several Express EMU trains to remain cancelled on July 28Several Express EMU trains to remain cancelled on July 28

first_imgKolkata: Several Express trains and 30 EMU locals of South Eastern Railway will remain cancelled on July 28 for erecting a foot overbridge at Santragachi station, an official said here on Thursday. Two persons died and 17 others were injured in a stampede in October 2018 on a foot overbridge at Santragachi station, prompting the railways to order installation of a new one. There will be no train movement in the up and middle lines through Santragachi for 10 hours from 11.15 am to 9.15 pm on July 28, the official said. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataAmong the trains that will be cancelled are 12842 Chennai-Howrah Coromandal Express which will leave the southern city on July 27 and the 12841 Howrah-Chennai Coromandal Express on July 28. The 12664 Tiruchchirapalli-Howrah Express will remain cancelled on July 26, while the 12663 Howrah-Tiruchchirapalli Express will not run on July 28, the official said. The 18646 Hyderabad-Howrah East Coast Express of July 27 and 18645 Howrah-Hyderabad East Coast Express of July 28 will also remain cancelled. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateThe 12814/12813 Tatanagar-Howrah-Tatanagar Steel Express, 12278/12277 Puri-Howrah-Puri Shatabdi Express, 18627/18628 Howrah-Ranchi-Howrah Express and 58015/58016 Howrah-Adra-Howrah Passenger will remain cancelled on July 28. Several other Express trains will be short-terminated or have been rescheduled. SER also cancelled 30 EMU locals to and from Howrah station, while 11 local trains will run from Andul to Midnapur, Kharagpur, Panskura and Haldia stations, he said.last_img read more

Which Social App Will Be the First to Harness AIWhich Social App Will Be the First to Harness AI

first_img Register Now » 5 min read January 30, 2017 Artificial intelligence (AI) represents what I believe to be the next leap forward in technological development. With AI, we can process data faster, design systems that learn based on their environments and possibly solve problems that to date we’ve been unable to solve.Related: 5 Major Artificial Intelligence Hurdles We’re on Track to Overcome by 2020It’s only a matter of time before AI takes over the social media world and starts using machine-learning to better serve us as both consumers and business owners. So, which will be the first to take the plunge, and how can you, as an entrepreneur, prepare?Actually, the revolution has already begun.How AI is used in social nediaAI and machine-learning have already started to infiltrate the functionality of most — if not all — major social media apps in the world today, and in multiple areas. Just take a look:Newsfeeds. Facebook and other social media platforms use AI to curate the best possible newsfeeds for their individual users. The idea is to actively learn what types of posts a user engages with, such as those with specific keywords or angles, or those from specific users and publishers. The next thing is to populate those users’ newsfeeds with more of those stories. This strategy has led to some interesting controversies, especially with the prevalence of fake news and echo chambers in social media. But it’s a strategy that’s been in circulation — and has been arguably effective — for many years. Very recently, Wall Street firms have been using algorithms (AI) to automatically buy or sell stocks based solely on what Donald Trump tweets. That’s just another interesting way social media newsfeeds and AI are becoming intertwined.Advertising. Online advertisers, even using tools designed to make advertising easier, can’t stay competitive without a little AI interference these days. In most social media advertising platforms, AI is used to take input user preferences (such as demographic or timing considerations) and find the best possible display options to encourage engagement. This is how social apps prove their value to advertisers and seek the highest possible yield.Image and voice recognition. AI is also being used to make it easier for users, including blind users, to engage with their apps. Voice recognition can decipher spoken commands, and image recognition can now tag faces automatically based on facial-structure comparisons with your existing friends list.Emotional analysis. Let’s also not forget the time several years ago when Facebook intentionally manipulated the emotions of its users — just to see if it could. In the experiment, Facebook presented users with different newsfeed items, then measured subjective emotions as they existed in subsequent status updates. This was a form of AI, too.Related: The Growth of Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce (Infographic)Where AI can go from hereMost of these updates rolled out gradually, or as modifications of features that already existed, so they may have been hard to notice. And by most anecdotal accounts, the level of AI in social media doesn’t “feel” that significant, as we’re not talking to it or getting fooled by it. So, what comes next?Digital assistants. Facebook was the first app to unveil its own kind of digital assistant, M, though its functionality still isn’t as widespread as the company originally purported. In time, each social app could have its own assistant-like interface, similar to Siri or Cortana, to help you make posts, customize your app experience and get the information you need more quickly.AI for business. Social media apps care about all their users, but none so much as the high-profile businesses giving them money for ads. Accordingly, there will likely be an AI burst to help businesses and organizations, and the first place I see that happening is with automated messaging responses. Think of this as custom AI that does your customer service work for you.Dynamic content. Content is the fuel that keeps social media moving, but users are demanding more immediate, more personalized forms of content. Twitter’s Moments, a consolidation of topic-based content from around the web, is an early example of “dynamic content” which can adapt immediately and intelligently, but it’s just the beginning of AI-based, spontaneously generated material.Which app is furthest ahead? So, which social media app is the furthest ahead with these features, and the one most likely to pave the way for the future of AI in social?Though there’s some room for debate here, I have to go with Facebook. It’s the most popular app in the world for a reason, and it’s constantly pushing the limits of what’s possible in social. It also has access to the most cash, and the biggest user base to experiment with. So, in my book, the answer to the question is a no-brainer.How to prepare your businessWhat does all this mean for you as a business owner? How can you prepare?There are tons of advantages to using AI for your business: the ability to place better ads, communicate better with your customers and perhaps most importantly, stay a step ahead of the competition. The more you learn about these new features, and the sooner you start using them to your advantage, the higher ROI you’ll see in your marketing and advertising campaigns.Related: 4 AI Technologies Impacting Business Operations Right NowAt its core, AI exists to make our lives easier and enhance what we can do as human beings. In that way, AI isn’t going to introduce anything completely novel to us as marketers; it’s just going to make what we’re currently doing faster, cheaper and more effective. Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.last_img read more

Manage Windows 10 Search IndexingManage Windows 10 Search Indexing

first_imgManage Windows 10 Search Indexing by Martin Brinkmann on August 10, 2017 in Windows – Last Update: July 30, 2017 – 4 commentsWindows Search can cause high load situations on Windows 10 machines — and on previous versions of Windows as well — especially when search indexing runs.Basically, what search indexing does is scan all folders that are configured for indexation on the Windows device to add, change and remove the index to take into account file changes in those locations.While that works well on many devices, it may cause big performance issues on others. It depends on factors such as the speed of the processor and hard drive, the selected folders and the files they contain, and the number of changes since the last indexing process.Generally speaking it is a good idea to turn Windows Search indexing off if you don’t search often, or use a different desktop search program for that instead.Turning off indexation does not mean that Windows Search won’t work at all, it just means that it may be slower when you run searches.You have  three options when it comes to Windows Search Indexing:Remove folders from indexation to reduce the scan timeDisable content indexationDisable Windows Search indexing completelyRemove folders from indexationIt may be enough sometimes to limit the folders that you want Windows Search to index. Windows Search indexes some folders, like Downloads, Documents or Desktop by default. If you are a heavy downloader, the downloads folder may be full of files and folders all the time. Additionally, file and folders may get deleted regularly as well which means that indexing has a lot of work to do to process that folder.Tip: It is a good idea to limit indexation to folders that you want Windows Search to index. If you work with a lot of documents and use Windows Search to find them, you may want to keep the Documents folder but remove others that you don’t require.Indexing OptionsYou manage the indexing locations in the Indexing Options. To load the configuration, tap on the Windows-key, type indexing options, and select the result of the same name.The Indexing Options window lists all folders that are included or excluded from indexation. It furthermore highlights the number of items that are in the index currently, and the status of indexing.Select Modify at the bottom to manage the indexing locations.  This opens a dual-pane window that lists all available locations in the top pane, and all folders selected for indexation at the bottom.Tip: Make sure you click on the “show all locations” button to reveal locations that may not be shown by default.You add new locations by checking boxes in front of items in the top pane, and remove existing ones by removing the checkmarks from the boxes. Since you may not want to navigate the top folder structure to locate all indexed locations, you may click on a location in the lower pane to jump straight to it. This allows you to remove it with just two clicks.When you remove a location from Windows Search indexing, Windows Search won’t scan it anymore when it runs scans for changes in those locations.You may also exclude subfolders from indexation. This is useful if you want some locations of a folder to be indexed but not others. Using exclude options may further help reduce the load of indexation when Windows Search indexing runs.Check the Advanced options once you are done. Make sure that the options “index encrypted files” and “treat similar words with diacritics as different words” are not selected.You may delete and recreate the index on the page as well, and change the location of the index. The latter may be useful if the computer’s main drive is slower than another drive connected to the device.Disable content indexationAnother thing that you may want to check is whether Windows Search is allowed to index file content and not only file properties on select drives. It takes more time obviously to scan the content of files as well, and if you don’t need that, you may want to make sure that this is not done on the Windows machine in question.You need to repeat the following steps for any drive of the Windows 10 PC:Open File Explorer.Right-click on the drive, e.g. Local Disk (c:), and select properties from the context menu.Go to the General tab if it does not open automatically.Remove the checkmark from “Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties”.Confirm the Attribute changes by selecting “apply changes to drive, subfolders and files, and click ok.The process may take a while before it completes. It can run for minutes and even longer than that depending on the size of the drive.You may get an access denied error. I suggest you select “ignore all” when that happens to tell Windows that it should ignore any future access denied error automatically.Disable Windows Search Indexing completelyThe final option that you have is to disable Windows Search indexing completely. This prevents any indexation processes and should improve the situation on all devices that are affected by high load or performance issues that are caused by Windows Search indexing.Tap on the Windows-key, type services.msc, and tap on the Enter-key. This opens the Windows Services Manager.Locate Windows Search when the services listing opens. The services are sorted automatically, so jump to the bottom to find it more quickly.Right-click on Windows Search and select properties from the menu.Switch the startup type to “disabled”.Select “stop” under service status to block the service from running in that session.Click apply and then ok.You may still run searches, but without indexing. This means that searches may take longer to complete.SummaryArticle NameManage Windows 10 Search IndexingDescriptionFind out how to ease the load on your Windows 10 PC if Windows Search Indexing is causing a high load and performance issues on it regularly.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Kali Linux 2018 for testing and maintaining Windows security – Wolf HaltonKali Linux 2018 for testing and maintaining Windows security – Wolf Halton

first_imgMicrosoft Windows is one of the two most common OSes, and managing its security has spawned the discipline of Windows security. Kali Linux is the premier platform for testing and maintaining Windows security. Kali is built on the Debian distribution of Linux and shares the legendary stability of that OS. This lets you focus on network penetration, password cracking, and using forensics tools, and not the OS. In this interview, we talk to two experts, Wolf Halton and Bo Weaver, on using Kali Linux for pentesting. We also discuss their book Kali Linux 2018: Windows Penetration Testing – Second Edition. Read also: Kali Linux 2018 for testing and maintaining Windows security – Interview with Wolf Halton and Bo Weaver – Part 2 Kali Linux is the premier platform for testing and maintaining Windows security. According to you, what makes it ideal to use? Bo Weaver: First, it runs on Linux and is built on Debian Linux.  Second, the people at Offensive Security do a fantastic job of keeping it updated and stable with the latest tools to support not just pentesting but also forensics work or network analysis and diagnostics.  You can tell that this platform is built and maintained by real security experts and isn’t some distro thrown together by some marketing folks to make a buck. Wolf Halton: Kali is a very stable and extensible open source platform.  Offensive Security’s first security platform, BackTrack, was customised in a non-Posix way, breaking from UNIX or other Linux distros by putting the security tools in unexpected places in the filesystem.  Since Kali was first released, they used Debian Testing as a base, and adhered to the usual file locations. This made Kali Linux far easier to use. The normalization of the OS behind the Kali Linux distro makes it more productivity-friendly than most of the other “Security Distros,” which are usually too self-consciously different. Here, the developers are building their space in the mass of distros by how quirky the interface or how customizable the installation process has to be. Why do you love working with Kali Linux? Bo Weaver: I appreciate it’s stability.  In all the years I have used Kali on a daily basis, I have had only one failure to update properly.  Even with this one failure, I didn’t have any data loss. I run Kali as my “daily driver” on both my personal and company laptop, so one failure in all that time is nothing.  I even do my writing from my Kali machines. Yes I do all my normal computing from a normal user account and NOT root! I don’t have to go looking for a tool. Any tool that I need is either installed or is in the repo.  Since everything comes from the same repo, updates to all my tools and the system is just a simple command to keep everything updated. Wolf Halton: Kali is a stable platform, based upon a major distribution with which I am very familiar.  There are over 400 security tools in the Kali repos, and it can also draw directly from the Debian Testing repos for even more tools.  I always add a few applications on top of the installation default set of packages, but the menus work predictably, allowing me to install what I need without having to create a whole new menu system to get to them. Can you tell the readers about some advantages and disadvantages of using Kali Linux for pentesting? Bo Weaver: I really can’t think of a disadvantage. The biggest advantage is that all these tools are in one toolbox (Kali). I remember a time when building a pentesting machine would take a week, having to go out, and find and build the tools separately.  Most tools had to be manually compiled for the machine. Remember “make”, “make install”? Then to have it bork over a missing library file. In less than an hour, you can have a working pentesting machine running. As mentioned earlier, Kali has the tools to do any security job, not just pentesting, such as pulling evidence from a laptop for legal reasons,  analyzing a network, finding what is breaking your network, breaking into a machine because the passwords are lost. Also, it runs on anything from a high-end workstation to a Raspberry Pi or a USB drive with no problem. Wolf Halton: The biggest disadvantage is for Windows-Centric users who have never used any other operating system.  In our book, we try to ease these users into the exciting world of Linux. The biggest advantage is that the Kali Linux distro is in constant development.  I can be sure that there will be a Kali distro available even if I wander off for a year.  This is a great benefit for people who only use Linux when they want to run an ad hoc penetration test. Can you give us a specific example (real or fictional) of why Kali Linux is the ideal solution to go for? Bo Weaver: There are other distros out there for this use.  Most don’t have the completeness of toolsets. Most security distros are set up to be run from a DVD and only contain a few tools to do a couple of tasks and not all security tasks.  BlackArch Linux is the closest to Kali in comparison. BlackArch is built on Arch Linux which is a bleeding-edge distro which doesn’t have the stability of Debian.  Sometimes Arch will bork on an update due to bleeding-edge buggy code in an update. This is fine in a testing environment but when working in production, you need your system to run at the time of testing.  It’s embarrassing to call the customer and say you lost three hours on a test fixing your machine. I’m not knocking BlackArch. They did a fine job on the build and the toolsets included. I just don’t trust Arch to be stable enough for me.  This is not saying anything bad about Arch Linux. It does have its place in the distro world and does a fine job of filling its place in this world. Some people like bleeding edge, it’s just a personal choice. The great thing about Linux overall is that you have choices.  You’re not locked into one way a system looks or works. Kali comes with five different desktop environments, so you can choose which one is the best for you.  I personally like KDE. Wolf Halton: I have had to find tools for various purposes: Tools to recover data from failed hard-drives, Tools to stress-test hundreds of systems at a time, Tools to check whole networks at a time for vulnerabilities, Tools to check for weak passwords, Tools to perform Phishing tests on email users, Tools to break into Windows machines, security appliances and network devices. Kali Linux is the one platform where I could find multiple tools to perform all of these tasks and many more. Congratulations on your recent book, Kali Linux 2018: Windows Penetration Testing – Second Edition. Can you elaborate on the key takeaways for readers? Bo Weaver: I hope the readers come out with a greater understanding of system and network security and how easy it is to breach a system if simple and proper security rules are not followed.  By following simple no-cost rules like properly updating your systems and proper network segmentation, you can defeat most of the exploits in the book. Over the years, Wolf and I have been asked by a lot of Windows Administrators “How do you do a pentest?”  This person doesn’t want a simple glossed over answer. They are an engineer and understand their systems and how they work; they want a blow by blow description on actually how you broke it, so they can understand the problem and properly fix it.  The book is the perfect solution for them. It contains methods we use in our work on a daily basis, from scanning to post exploitation work. Also, I hope the readers find how easy Linux is to use as a desktop workstation and the advantages in security when using Linux as your workstation OS and do the switch from Windows to the Linux Desktop. I want to thank the readers of our book and hope they walk away with a greater understanding of system security. Wolf Halton: The main thing we tried to do with both the first and second edition of this book is to give a useful engineer-to-engineer overview of the possibilities of using Kali to test one’s own network, and including very specific approaches and methods to prove their network’s security.  We never write fictionalized, unworkable testing scenarios, as we believe our readers want to actually know how to improve their craft and make their networks safer, even though there is no budget for fancy-schmancy proprietary Windows-based security tools that make their non-techie managers feel safer. The world of pentesting is still edgy and interesting, and we try to infuse the book with our own keen interest in testing and developing attack models before the Red-Team hackers get there. Thanks Bo and Wolf for a very insightful perspective into the world of pentesting and on Kali Linux! Readers, if you are looking for help to quickly pentest your system and network using easy-to-follow instructions and support images, Kali Linux 2018: Windows Penetration Testing – Second Edition might just be the book for you. Author Bio Wolf Halton is an Authority on Computer and Internet Security, a best selling author on Computer Security, and the CEO of Atlanta Cloud Technology. He specializes in—business continuity, security engineering, open source consulting, marketing automation, virtualization and data center restructuring, network architecture, and Linux administration. Bo Weaver is an old school ponytailed geek. His first involvement with networks was in 1972 while in the US Navy working on a R&D project called ARPA NET. Bo has been working with and using Linux daily since the 1990’s and a promoter of Open Source. (Yes, Bo runs on Linux.) He now works as the senior penetration tester and security researcher for CompliancePoint a Atlanta based security consulting company. Read Next Pentest tool in focus: Metasploit Kali Linux 2018.2 released How artificial intelligence can improve pentestinglast_img read more

Albania says could block Macedonias NATO bidAlbania says could block Macedonias NATO bid

first_imgAlbanian prime minister Edi Rama speaks at a U.S.-sponsored anti-terrorism regional meeting in Albania’s capital Tirana, Wednesday, May 20, 2015. Rama warned Macedonia it cannot join the NATO family unless it respects the democratic rights of its ethnic Albanian minority, considering “unacceptable” how Macedonian authorities linked a recent gunbattle between police and a group of armed ethnic Albanian men as a terrorist act from the latter. (AP Photo/Hektor Pustina) TIRANA, Albania (AP) — Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama warned on Wednesday that his country could block Macedonia’s bid to join NATO unless it improves its record on respecting the rights of the country’s ethnic Albanian minority.The tiny republic’s accession has already been blocked by neighbor Greece because of a dispute over the republic’s name.Rama gave the warning while speaking an anti-terrorism conference in the capital, Tirana. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility 5 ways to recognize low testosterone Top Stories Sponsored Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academiescenter_img Relations between to the two Balkan neighbors have further soured following a shootout in northern Macedonia this month between police and suspected ethnic Albanian militants that left eight officers and 10 others dead.Rama accused Macedonia’s government of using the attack to try to tarnish the entire Albanian minority.“Unfortunately the word ‘terrorism’ and the word ‘Albanian’ have been combined in a reckless attempt to give terrorism an ethnic label,” he said.Macedonia, in one of its deepest political crises since gaining independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, has a sizeable ethnic Albanian minority which has been decisive in forming governing coalitions.Albania became a NATO member in 2009.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. 0 Comments   Share   Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy How do cataracts affect your vision?last_img read more