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Sustainable farming can help meet global demand for cassava – UN foodSustainable farming can help meet global demand for cassava – UN food

In a new field guide, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) states that cassava output has increased by 60 per cent since 2000 and is set to accelerate further over the current decade as policymakers recognize its huge potential.However, the agency warned that the current input-intensive approach to boost cassava production also risks causing damage to the natural resource base and increasing greenhouse gas emission responsible for climate change. Instead of intensive farming, FAO advocates for a Save and Grow approach, which can sustainably increase cassava crops by 400 per cent.“Save and Grow minimizes soil disturbance caused by conventional tillage such as ploughing, and recommends maintaining a protective cover of vegetation over soil,” FAO said in a news release. “Instead of the monocropping normally seen in intensive farming systems, Save and Grow encourages mixed cropping and rotation, and predicates integrated pest management, which uses disease-free planting material and pests’ natural enemies to keep harmful insects down, instead of chemical pesticides.”The approach has already had successful results in trials organized in Viet Nam, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Colombia.Cassava is a highly versatile crop grown by small farmers in more than 100 countries. Second only to maize as a source of starch, its roots are rich in carbohydrates while its tender leaves contain up to 25 per cent protein, plus iron, calcium and vitamins A and C. Other parts of the plant can be used as animal feed, and livestock raised on cassava have good disease resistance and low mortality rates.Demand for cassava has increased in part because of the current high level of cereal prices, making it an attractive alternative to wheat and maize. Cassava also has a range of industrial uses that give it huge potential to spur rural industrial development and raise rural incomes.Another important consideration is that of the major staple crops in Africa, hardy, resilient cassava is expected to be the least affected by advancing climate change.“With Save and Grow developing countries can […] avoid the risks of unsustainable intensification while realizing cassava’s potential for producing higher yields, alleviating hunger and rural poverty and contributing to national economic development,” FAO said. read more

Security Council extends the mandate of joint UNOPCW body on chemical weaponsSecurity Council extends the mandate of joint UNOPCW body on chemical weapons

The Security Council has extended, for an additional year, the mandate of the United Nations-Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Joint Investigative Mechanism, the body tasked with identifying those behind chemical weapons attacks in the Syrian conflict.Unanimously adopting resolution 2319 (2016) late last night, the 15-member Council also recalled its decision that Syria “shall not use, develop, produce, otherwise acquire, stockpile or retain chemical weapons, or, transfer, directly or indirectly, chemical weapons to other States or non-State actors.” Further in the resolution, the Security Council encouraged the Mechanism to engage with relevant regional States in pursuit of its mandate, including to identify any involvement of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/Da’esh), the Al-Nusra Front or other non-State actors in the use of chemicals as weapons in Syria.Set up by the Council in 2015, the Mechanism was mandated to identify, to the greatest extent feasible, those involved in the use of toxic chemicals as weapons in Syria. Earlier, a fact-finding mission mandated by the OPCW had determined that a specific incident in the Syrian conflict involved or likely involved the use of toxic chemicals as weapons. read more

Oops Serena Didnt Mean to Go Public with PregnancyOops Serena Didnt Mean to Go Public with Pregnancy

Serena Williams reacts after defeating her sister Venus during their women’s singles final at the Australian Open tennis championships in Melbourne, Australia, Jan. 28, 2017. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung, File)VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — Serena Williams says she was taking a personal photo of her progressing pregnancy on Snapchat when she accidentally pressed the wrong button and made the post public.The photo of the tennis superstar in a one-piece bathing suit was captioned “20 weeks.” Despite the lack of information, it immediately made headlines around the world last week. Her publicist later confirmed the pregnancy to The Associated Press.Williams told Gayle King at the TED2017 Conference in Vancouver on Tuesday night that the mishap wasn’t a big deal because she planned to share the news shortly.Williams says she plans to return to the court after becoming a mom, adding, “My baby is going to be in the stands, hopefully cheering for me and not crying too much.” read more

Strong painkiller use doubles in 15 yearsStrong painkiller use doubles in 15 years

first_imgAnt McPartlin, who revealed he had become addicted to the Class C opiate-based painkiller tramadol Credit:Serena Taylor Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. In 2014, a study found that the risk of taking strong painkillers containing codeine and other opioids for headaches and backache outweighed the benefits.The American Academy of Neurology said studies showed that half of patients taking opioids for at least three months were still on them five years later.Tramadol was linked to 33 deaths in Northern Ireland in 2015 – more than heroin and cocaine combined.Harry Shapiro of the DrugWise information service has addiction to prescription painkillers a “public health disaster hidden in plain sight”. Dr Cathy Stannard, a specialist in pain management, said it was clear that patients who used opioid drugs for a long time often got little benefit, but suffered all the side-effects.”I am not suggesting somebody who is benefiting has their drugs removed,” she said.”But out of a population who are taking these drugs, the majority are not benefiting and they should be supported to come off these medicines.”The report found that two-thirds of patients prescribed the painkillers, known as Dependence Forming Medicines, were female.Older patients, and those living in the West Midlands and Yorkshire and the Humber were more likely to be prescribed the drugs long term.DFM prescriptions were found to be more common in patients with a cancer or epilepsy diagnosis than in patients without such a diagnosis.The report concluded: “A balance needs to be struck between, on the one hand, ensuring proper access to medicines to relieve suffering and to treat disorders while, on the other hand, avoiding prescribing that might cause harms such as dependence.“The large increase in opioid prescribing needs careful tracking to ensure appropriate prescribing is preserved while, at the same time, caution is exercised to avoid ill-considered long-term prescribing without continuing benefit.” Ant McPartlin, who revealed he had become addicted to the Class C opiate-based painkiller tramadol The use of powerful prescription painkillers has doubled in the last 15 years, according to a report by public health experts.One in 20 people in England is now prescribed potentially addictive opioid painkillers such as codeine and tramadol, the study found.Such drugs are also being prescribed for longer periods of time, which can reduce the benefits and make addiction more likely.The Public Health Research Consortium studied data from 50,000 NHS patients, focusing on those who were prescribed at least one of four types of potentially addictive drugs between 2000 and 2015.In 2015, five per cent of patients were said to be receiving regular prescriptions, double the rate in 2000.Neil Smith, research director at the National Centre for Social Research, told the BBC: “This report highlights that a balance needs to be struck between avoiding prescribing that might lead to dependence or other harms and ensuring proper access to medicines to relieve suffering and treat disorders.”Trends in the extent and duration of opioid prescribing… need close and ongoing monitoring.” Nearly a third of all prescriptions for opiate painkillers across the EU are written in the UK, according to evidence produced last November at the All Party Parliamentary Group for Prescribed Drug Dependence.last_img read more

Raised blood pressure heightens risk of dementia major UCL study findsRaised blood pressure heightens risk of dementia major UCL study finds

Slightly raised blood pressure in middle age could increase the risk of dementia by up to 45 per cent, new research shows.A study of almost 9,000 civil servants found that 50-year-olds with readings of more than 130/80 had a far greater chance of developing the disease in later life.Currently, around seven million Britons whose blood pressure exceeds 140/90 mmHg are recommended by GPs to take medication to control it.But NHS watchdogs are considering bringing the threshold down further, in line with US advice which recommends drugs are taken when levels reach 130/80 mmHg.  Almost half of the adult population in the UK would be eligible for such drugs, if this change was made.The new study, published in the European Heart Journal, suggests that such levels at mid life are enough to significantly increase dementa risk. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Those with systolic blood pressure of 130mmHg or more at the age of 50 had a 45 per cent greater risk of dementia compared with those with lower levels at the same age.Researchers said the danger appears to stem from the amount of time people suffered from high blood pressure, with raised levels aged 50 meaning people were exposed to risks for far longer than if levels were raised in their 60s or 70s.High blood pressure has been linked to mini strokes, damage to the white matter in the brain, and restricted blood supply to the brain, causing mental decline.The research by the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) in Paris and University College London tracked participants in the Whitehall II study, who were aged between 35 and 55 in 1985, for 32 years. Professor Archana Singh-Manoux, research professor at INSERM and honorary professor at UCL, who led the research, said: “Our work confirms the detrimental effects of midlife hypertension for risk of dementia, as suggested by previous research. It also suggests that at age 50, the risk of dementia may be increased in people who have raised levels of systolic blood pressure below the threshold commonly used to treat hypertension.”“Our analysis suggests that the importance of mid-life hypertension on brain health is due to the duration of exposure. So we see an increased risk for people with raised blood pressure at age 50, but not 60 or 70, because those with hypertension at age 50 are likely to be ‘exposed’ to this risk for longer.” The average age at which the study participants developed dementia was 75.Researchers stressed that the research was observational.Fellow author Dr Jessica Abell said: “There is considerable discussion on the optimal threshold for the diagnosis of hypertension. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that maintaining a healthy blood pressure in middle age is important for both your heart and your brain later in life. Anyone who is concerned about their blood pressure levels should consult their GP.” read more

SKF Laser Vibrometer offers noncontact vibration measurementSKF Laser Vibrometer offers noncontact vibration measurement

first_imgSKF has launched the SKF Laser Vibrometer MSL-7000, a digital, integrated, single-box vibrometer that has been developed specifically for non-contact vibration measurements. The MSL-7000 offers service engineers an advanced, flexible and robust tool for collecting vibration measurements in a large number of different field applications. The development of the MSL-7000 meets the need of an increasing number of customers who wish to conduct end-of-line noise testing for their products, especially for ‘noise critical’ applications such as fans, electric motors and pumpsThe design is easy to integrate into test set-ups and existing control systems and covers acoustic measurements from 0.2 Hz (for slow rotations) up to 22 kHz. The MSL-7000 can also be used for mobile condition monitoring, together with the SKF Microlog series, where it enables non-contact measurements that could not be taken before, such as measurements on hot surfaces and through glass.“The SKF Laser Vibrometer can help customers who need advanced and flexible vibration measurement, regardless whether they are doing retro-fitted quality inspection or if they are doing vibration measurement in difficult locations”, says Werner Palmetshofer, General Manager Condition Monitoring Centre in Steyr, Austria. The robust and compact, single-unit meter design offers both easy installation and operation and because it employs non-contact measurement the MSL-7000 is significantly less subject to wear, making it an efficient and cost-effective tool. The MSL-7000 was developed to be used on its own for end-of-line inspection or together with SKF condition monitoring products, such as the SKF Microlog family of portable vibration monitoring and data collection instruments, thus offering additional value to all customers. In addition, a package, MSL 7000C, for laptop use with the SKF FPM Software and a mobile data acquisition card is available.last_img read more

Review BrinkReview Brink

first_imgIt’s been a long time coming, but Brink, Bethesda Softworks and Splash Damage’s class-based first-person shooter is finally here. Brink does a lot of interesting new things and happens to be plagued by some annoying quirks, but overall it’s an interesting take on a team-based and movement-heavy shooter. With the proper care and attention it could be a great title.The game is set in the future, aboard a floating city called The Ark that’s been isolated from the rest of the world for over 20 years due to rising sea levels and environmental disaster. The denizens of the Ark are split into two factions: those who want to start looking for other humans in the world and leave the Ark, and those who want to protect the Ark and keep the population there safe from outsiders.AdChoices广告Customization and ClassesAs soon as you get past the opening cut-scene, you have a choice to make. You’re immediately asked to select a faction: will you save the Ark or escape it? Once you’ve made your selection, you can move right into customizing your character. There’s remarkably little you can really do to tweak the look and appearance of your character from the get-go aside from change his face and skin tone, but as you progress through the game you’ll unlock items to wear like masks and new outfits.You can tweak the size and build of your character as well, which plays a role in how you get around in the game (more on that later,) but since you can change it at any time, it’s not really notable when it comes to personalization. When it comes to gameplay however, it’s pretty important.You also get the option to select a voice actor to represent your character, so you get a real choice in how your character sounds to your teammates. Don’t get too thrilled about it though: there are only a handful of voices to choose from, so you’re bound to hear the same voices over and over again. Even so, it’s a nice touch.Once you’ve finished customizing your character, you can head into your character’s options and select your default class, default weapons, and more. You can select any of four classes as your default: soldier, engineer, operative, and medic. Soldiers are your usual gun-toting bruisers, and their special abilities involve explosives, grenades, and heavy ordinance. They can also replenish teammates’ ammo supplies. Engineers can drop turrets, build barricades, and buff teammates’ weapons. Operatives can disguise as the enemy and hack fallen enemies for their team’s locations. Medics, predictably, can heal teammates and revive them when they go down.You can switch between classes at any time at a command post, and different classes are needed for different objectives. You’ll likely find yourself switching classes frequently to complete missions, especially if – as usually happens – everyone else picks a class and sticks with it. Engineers have to build barricades in some places, for example, and operatives have to hack terminals in others – there’s no getting around it, and if your team doesn’t have one of those types, you’ll have to wait to complete the objective until you do.At the same time, the classes don’t have too much distinction in movement or play style between them until you have a special operation to perform, so while there’s nothing special about playing one class over another (except for Medics, who are always in demand) it’s also good to know you won’t be punished for choosing a class you haven’t played often in the past.Movement and GameplayPerhaps the most innovative and fun part of Brink is the movement system, called SMART (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain.) This is where the size and shape of your character come in. If you’ve picked a particularly bulky bruiser, you’ll get to play with the biggest and baddest guns, but you won’t be able to slide across floors or bounce off walls. If you have a smaller, more light character, you’ll find yourself almost holding down the SMART button to scale walls, jump across gaps, and slide past enemies to shoot them in the back.Since movement is so important in Brink, the SMART system really adds a fun way to get around. You really will feel like you’re standing on top of fences shooting down at your opponents, and pretty quickly you’ll feel pretty good hopping over walls and tumbling to cover while the other team (or the bots, in campaign mode) shoots at you.Brink has some serious RPG elements to it. As you play, you’ll earn experience from killing enemies, completing main and secondary objectives, playing as a team, guarding or defending, and by using your class special ability to help your teammates.As you level up, you’ll get points to spend on weapons, skills, abilities, and even some class-specific traits that are only really good if you prefer one class over the others. On the bright side though, all of the abilities you gain or spend points on stick with you, so you can always use or toggle them at any time: you just have to remember you have them. The game caps out at level 20, and tries to prevent high-level players from dominating low-level ones by keeping them apart in matches.Your persistent character may only get to level up to 20, but the fact that there are so many options, skills, and abilities to choose from will have you rolling different characters to try different traits. Even though you can always switch sides or tweak your character’s size and class, the real reason Brink allows you to roll new characters is to play with the abilities.At the same time, as great as the abilities, RPG elements, and movement are, the core gameplay feels a little unfinished and rough around the edges. Textures load as you approach them, which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s very obvious. The gameplay quickly gets repetitive, and the only way to change it is to switch classes and try a different role. Still, the game looks great while you’re playing it, with plenty of detailed environments and maps.The other big problem is the lack of content. The game just needs more maps, more campaigns, and more areas. The zones are large, which is nice, but by the time you’ve played them all you’re still hungry for more. Similarly, the game has a huge catalog of weapons, but so many of them feel the same that it’s difficult to really justify switching your loadout once you’ve found something you like. A little differentiation, at least in feel, would be great. Thankfully, both of these issues are ones that can be fixed with updates and map packs.Story and WorldThe game’s story is interesting, and the duality between the Resistance and Security is stark, if only in plot. The characters and gameplay don’t really change between factions. The problem with the story is that it feels half-implemented, as if important elements were taken out for the sake of action. You don’t get introduced to many non-player characters that actually play a real role in the game, and the story stops short of making you really care about the cause you’re fighting for.The whole utopia-turned-dystopia idea is a great one, and the combination of an internal rebellion to decide the fate of the Ark along with a deadly plague spreading across its populace are a great foundation to what could have been a much better story. Sadly, it all really serves as set dressing and you don’t really have a vested interest in it, even if you fail the campaigns.That’s a really big shame: the premise of Brink is really compelling, and it feels like the writers behind the game didn’t have the opportunity to flesh out the story as much as they would have liked. Similarly, the character you play isn’t really one of importance: you’re either a member of Security or a member of the Resistance. You get important info through second-hand conversations, but you don’t feel important in any way. That’s a double-edged sword – you won’t feel bad about dying, but you also don’t feel connected to the world.Even so, if you’re in it for the multiplayer, that won’t make much difference: you can jump right in and play the campaigns against other real people. The only real difference between the single player and the multiplayer mode is the order of the campaigns and the cut-scenes between them in the single player mode – and the often-horrible bots that make up the opposing faction.ConclusionBrink was released on May 10th in the US, May 12th in Australia, and May 13th in the EU. Expect to see more players popping online over the coming weeks. That’s a great thing, because Brink is best played as a multi-player game against other opponents. Some may take the approach that while Brink is pretty and has some great ideas, it feels unfinished and will only appeal to hardcore fans. We’d agree that it feels unfinished, but disagree that the game is probably only for fans that love shooters: the heavy emphasis on teamwork (you won’t survive without friends for long,) the sci-fi dystopian backdrop, and the RPG elements make Brink a great game for players of all experience levels, especially people looking for something new and different.Still, the glaring lack of maps, the absence of varying styles of play on those maps, and the half-hearted story make it difficult to be really vested in Brink even if you do play. The game is probably best played on the PC (which is how we reviewed it) so you can make use of dedicated servers with settings that match the way you want to play. If you want a more challenging experience, try a server with friendly-fire on, for example.We had fun playing Brink, and will probably keep at it. You do feel rewarded at the end of a campaign when you’ve leveled your character or earned a few points to spend, but Bethesda and Splash Damage will have to bring some new maps and gameplay modes to the table to make Brink a game that’ll stick around. Brink suffers from the “so much potential” problem. The groundwork is there, and we like it so far, it just feels like the game should have baked a little longer to work out the issues and get some more content strapped on.If you’ve been looking forward to Brink, you likely won’t be disappointed. It’s difficult to tell anyone to run out and grab it right now though – it’ll feel more worth the money when the price comes down a bit, or as soon as Bethesda and Splash Damage announce a new map pack or some DLC for the game.Brink is available for the PC, XBox 360, and PlayStation 3.brink_logobrink_logoBrink-WallpaperBrink-TattoosBrink-SpecOpsBrink-ArkThis article was written using the PC version of the game, provided by Bethesda Softworks.last_img read more

Letting agencies said that a landlord will never choose me in theLetting agencies said that a landlord will never choose me in the

first_img Short URL By Anonymous Anonymous 5,708 Views ‘Letting agencies said that a landlord will never choose me in the rental lottery because I have kids’ Irish landlords are using the rental crisis to discriminate against families with children. Share7 Tweet Email center_img I’VE BEEN LIVING and working in Ireland for more than eight years now. I have a small family: my partner and I, plus our two small children.We are all aware of the rental crisis going on in Dublin, but right now my family is caught in the middle of it. Our landlord has decided to sell the property that we’re currently renting and so we’re now searching for a new home. We’ve been living in the South Dublin area for the past six years.Starting the house huntA few weeks ago our landlady contacted us to tell us that she is about to sell the apartment and won’t be renewing our lease. That’s completely her right and this isn’t the issue I’m trying to highlight here.When I started the flat hunt, I soon found that rent prices have increased dramatically since I was looking the last time. Now the average rent in this area of Dublin is €1,800 a month for a two-bed apartment.I sent off several applications by email and by phone. I got a text reply from one landlord saying that there is a stairwell in the property so it wouldn’t be suitable for children. That’s so ridiculous. My children would be well able to manage a stairs.Blatant discrimination Source: Shutterstock/Alexandru MarianAnother property was advertised as being 100 square metres. The advertisement also claimed that it was a very “spacious” apartment, with two “big” bedroom and a “large, spacious” kitchen. I phoned up to enquire about it.The woman who answered said that the apartment would be suitable for a family. However she wasn’t the owner and said that she would call me back in a bit to let me know if I was successful.A few hours later she emailed me to say that the landlady wasn’t happy about renting her place to four people. She claimed that it would only be suitable for three adults. I tried to argue that my family is made up of two adults and two young children, and that basically that should equal three adults. She maintained that it would be too small for us. It was clear that she didn’t want a family with children in the house.I’ve been told by quite a few agencies that a landlord will never choose my family in the rental lottery because we have kids. I have had the following conversation more than once:“Ah, you have kids? Don’t even bother to apply”.“Sorry, children are not allowed in the apartment”.“This place is not suitable for kids”.I have written proof of this. There’s never a stipulation against children in the listing. The refusals are always casual, like it’s just their preference.Young families need homes too and not just outside commuter beltI believe this problem has never highlighted enough in any article about the Irish rental crisis. We often hear about rising rents, security of tenure etcetera, but never about the obstacles that young families face when they try to find somewhere to live.My children are enrolled in local schools. Obviously we have to stick to the area so that we can give them stability in their little lives. Or do I have to change my children’s schools because nobody wants to rent their place out to a family? How is it fair that I have to move outside the commuter belt just because I have kids?We still haven’t found a new home. We’re hoping to find something soon and I keep on applying for every vacancy that comes up. I am getting worried about finding a place though, as there aren’t many affordable flats in my area and my lease is expiring soon.I understand the free market and I understand the rent crisis. What I don’t understand, and what has totally shocked me, is how Irish landlords are against renting their house to a family with kids.The author of this piece has asked to remain anonymous as he continues to hunt for a new family home.These are the 23 towns where rent caps will be extended to from midnight>Landlords rapped on the knuckles for threatening new charges after rent caps> 45 Comments Feb 9th 2017, 6:30 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Thursday 9 Feb 2017, 6:30 AMlast_img read more

Holiday on Friday in Turks and CaicosHoliday on Friday in Turks and Caicos

first_img Related Items:holiday, National Day of Thanksgiving, november Cool down for Thanksgiving postpones Salt Cay fun Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 23 Nov 2015 – This Friday, the Turks and Caicos for the second year will mark a public holiday a day after American Thanksgiving. Turks and Caicos government legislated National Day of Thanksgiving in 2014. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Extraordinary hours for Voter Registration Recommended for you Commonwealth Day Public Holiday in TCIlast_img

Obama health adviser Gruber apologizes for remarksObama health adviser Gruber apologizes for remarks

first_imgWASHINGTON — MIT economist Jonathan Gruber — an often-quoted adviser on the president’s health care law — told Congress on Tuesday he was glib and “inexcusably arrogant” when he said it was “the stupidity of the American voter” that led to the law’s passage. Democrats tried to limit the damage as Republicans raked Gruber at a four-hour hearing, but acknowledged he gave the GOP a political gift “wrapped in a bow.”Gruber told groups in 2012 and 2013 that voter stupidity and a “lack of transparency” were important to passing the hard-fought legislation. Appearing before the House Oversight committee Tuesday, Gruber expanded on earlier apologies, repeatedly saying “I was conjecturing in areas beyond my expertise.”Enduring one fierce lecture after another, Gruber said his earlier comments were uninformed, “glib, thoughtless and sometimes downright insulting.” He said he was showing off before various groups, and “trying to be something, I’m not, which was a political expert.”He said the law’s passage was actually transparent and heavily debated in public, despite his earlier comments. And Gruber said he was not the “architect” of the law, as some press accounts had claimed.But Republican Committee Chairman Darrell Issa of California called Gruber a crucial player in the legislation. Issa grilled Gruber repeatedly in what might be his last committee probe of what he calls “Obamacare.” Republican term limits will force Issa — whose bare-knuckled attacks on administration programs sometimes annoy GOP leaders — to surrender the committee chairmanship in the next Congress.last_img read more

Gimenez opposes Florida bill dissolving MDX says county cant afford proposed tollGimenez opposes Florida bill dissolving MDX says county cant afford proposed toll

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – The fight over the fate of the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority is taking a toll on the county’s mayor.Mayor Carlos Gimenez said he wants to stop a bill, passed by the Florida House last week, dissolving the agency.Speaking with 7News on Monday, Gimenez said his proposal for Miami-Dade County can help the entire state.“I think that the state should take notice that we’re a bellwether kind of county,” he said. “Tolling is an issue here, but it’s gonna be an issue in Central Florida, it’s gonna be an issue in Tampa, it’s gonna be an issue everywhere around the state. Ninety-five percent of all new roads built by the state are toll roads. It’s going to become an issue.”If the bill passes, current MDX toll rates will be frozen, and new higher rebates would be issued for drivers who use the toll roads frequently.The mayor’s office argues the county cannot afford both the new toll rebate program and the just-approved billion-dollar expansion of the Dolphin Expressway.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Medicaid looks to cut back on new disability program usersMedicaid looks to cut back on new disability program users

first_imgAn Alaska Medicaid program that funds care for adults with developmental disabilities is looking to cut the number of people it enrolls each year by 75 percent.The Peninsula Clarion reports that currently 200 people are taken off a waiting list to be enrolled in Medicaid’s Intellectual and Developmental Disability waiver annually. Administrators now want that number to drop to 50.Officials say they would not be abandoning those waiting to join the program. In addition to the annual 50-person increase, wait-listed people would also be added to replace waiver recipients who move out of state, die or leave the program for other reasons.The Alaska Department of Health and Social Service’s Senior and Disabilities Services Division is taking public comments on the proposed reduction until Sept. 17.last_img read more

Tata Steel to hold talks with British trade unionsTata Steel to hold talks with British trade unions

first_imgTata Steel will hold talks with trade union representatives of its UK steelworks in a bid to settle the deadlock over a pension scheme for its workers. The scheme, which is worth over £15 billion, is the main road block in its merger with its German rival, ThyssenKrupp.Tata Steel has called for talks over a two-day period to try and secure the merger of its European operations with that of ThyssenKrupp. The German engineering conglomerate and Tata have held talks on combining their European steel operations.Britain voted to leave the European Union in June, which raised concerns about the future of the country’s steel industry that is under prolonged and serious pressure. It was being speculated that Tata Steel would put the sale on hold.However, it is now believed that Tata Steel and ThyssenKrupp could formalise the deal within weeks, even if the pension issue is not resolved, but the tie-up would be subjected to change on resolving the pension dispute.The UK government, under the leadership of the former Prime Minister David Cameron, had proposed a change in law to reduce payouts by altering the inflation link for rises. But the Theresa May-led government is not in favour of the plan.In a statement, Tata Steel said that it “continues to responsibly develop options to identify the best prospects for the future sustainability of our UK operations and the best outcome for members of the British Steel Pension Scheme.”The Tata Steel stock was trading at Rs 373.95 at around 12 pm on Monday, up 0.55 percent from its previous close on the Bombay Stock Exchange.last_img read more

Suu Kyi Myanmar face chorus of anger over violence against RohingyasSuu Kyi Myanmar face chorus of anger over violence against Rohingyas

first_imgRohingya refugees walk on the muddy path after crossing the Bangladesh-Myanmar border in Teknaf. ReutersNobel peace laureate Malala Yousafzai and Muslim countries in Asia led a growing chorus of criticism on Monday aimed at Myanmar and its civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi over the plight of its Rohingya Muslim minority.Nearly 90,000 Rohingya have flooded into Bangladesh in the past 10 days following an uptick in fighting between militants and Myanmar’s military in strife-torn western Rakhine state.The impoverished region bordering Bangladesh has been a crucible of communal tensions between Muslims and Buddhists for years, with the Rohingya forced to live under apartheid-like restrictions on movement and citizenship.The recent violence, which kicked off last October when a small Rohingya militant group ambushed border posts, is the worst Rakhine has witnessed in years with the UN saying Myanmar’s army may have committed ethnic cleansing in its response.De facto leader Suu Kyi, a former political prisoner of Myanmar’s junta, has come under increasing fire over her perceived unwillingness to speak out against the treatment of the Rohingya or chastise the military.She has made no public comment since the latest fighting broke out.“Every time I see the news, my heart breaks at the suffering of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar,” Pakistani activist Yousafzai, who famously survived being shot in the head by the Taliban, said in a statement on Twitter.“Over the last several years I have repeatedly condemned this tragic and shameful treatment. I am still waiting for my fellow Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi to do the same,” she added.Pakistani politician and former cricketer Imran Khan added: “Shameful acceptance of Rohingyas genocide by Aung San Suu Kyi.”Muslim neighbours riledThe growing crisis threatens Myanmar’s diplomatic relations, particularly with Muslim-majority countries in Southeast Asia where there is profound public anger over the treatment of the Rohingya.Indonesia’s foreign minister Retno Marsudi met Myanmar’s army chief General Min Aung Hlaing in Naypyidaw on Monday in a bid to pressure the government to do more to alleviate the crisis.“Once again, violence, this humanitarian crisis has to stop immediately,” Indonesian president Joko Widodo told reporters on Sunday as he announced Retno’s mission there.Hours before Widodo spoke, a petrol bomb was thrown at Myanmar’s embassy in Jakarta while police there have previously dismantled two attempts by Islamist militants to bomb the compound.Dozens demonstrated in front of the embassy on Monday, where armed police were deployed and the mission cordoned off behind barbed wire.Pakistan’s foreign ministry released a statement saying it was “deeply concerned over reports of growing number of deaths and forced displacement of Rohingya Muslims” and urged Myanmar to investigate reports of atrocities against the community.Muslim-majority Malaysia has also seen public protests since the latest round of Rakhine violence began.“We urge for calm and restraint,” Prime Minister Najib Razak tweeted. “The dire situation facing our Rohingya brothers and sisters must be alleviated for good of Myanmar and region.”Despite years of persecution, the Rohingya largely eschewed violence until October’s attacks by the little-known Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army.Analysts have long warned that Myanmar’s treatment of the Rohingya would lead to homegrown militancy as well as support from international jihadists.Since the latest fighting broke out, Al-Qaeda’s offshoot in Yemen has called for retaliatory attacks against Myanmar while the Afghan Taliban posted a statement on Facebook calling on Muslims to “use their abilities to help Myanmar’s oppressed Muslims”.Defenders of Suu Kyi say she is severely limited in her ability to control Myanmar’s notoriously abusive military.While her party won a landslide election in 2015, under Myanmar’s junta era constitution the army is effectively independent of any civilian oversight.The Rohingya are also widely loathed by a huge section of Myanmar’s population, dismissed as Bangladeshi interlopers despite many tracing their lineage back generations.That makes supporting them hugely unpopular.But detractors say Suu Kyi is one of the few people in Myanmar with the mass appeal and moral authority to swim against the tide on the issue.last_img read more

Immigration Attorneys Advocates React To Texas AGs Federal DACA LawsuitImmigration Attorneys Advocates React To Texas AGs Federal DACA Lawsuit

first_imgPaxton threatened to sue the Trump administration if it did not end the DACA program. He said the program was not created by Congress and therefore should be declared unconstitutional.Lance Curtright, a San Antonio immigration attorney, said it is easy to see why DACA recipients and their families feel under attack.“I think it will further solidify the notion that there is a major political movement against DACA recipients and their families. It all just kind of cumulates into this feeling that they’re not wanted, that they’re targeted,” Curtright said.And Curtright believes the lawsuit will also engender more fear and anxiety among DACA recipients, like Melissa Garcia, who was brought to the U.S. legally by her parents, who were in the country on a tourist visa. Garcia remained in the country illegally after the visa expired and enrolled in DACA when the program first began in 2012.  “I recently put in my renewal a couple of weeks ago, and I just recently got my biometrics appointment this following Monday; you know — go in and do all my fingerprinting before someone actually looks at my case, and it kind of puts me in a place where I actually get nervous,” Garcia said.The federal DACA program was created to provide work authorization and protection against deportation for someone who was brought into the U.S. illegally.A federal court in Washington D.C. blocked President Trump’s efforts to end DACA if Congress could not come up with a more permanent program on its own.Garcia, a nervous as she is, said she’s given up on Congress finding a permanent DACA solution.“There was a time where there was no DACA and I was fine. I was making it work. So I think if DACA is one day not here anymore and I’m not, I don’t know, not allowed to live in the U.S. anymore, I think I’ll figure it out,” Garcia said.And Garcia is not alone. Immigration attorneys believe many DACA recipients fear they will be separated from their families if the federal program ends.  Paxton also filed a preliminary injunction Wednesday to stop the federal government from issuing or renewing any DACA applications while the lawsuit is pending. Immigration attorneys and recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program are lashing back at Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton the day after he filed a federal lawsuit in Brownsville to kill the Obama-era program. Sharelast_img read more

Promoting theatre and young directorsPromoting theatre and young directors

first_imgSahitya Kala Parishad, Department of Art, Culture and Languages, Government of Delhi is organising the 6th edition of ‘Yuva Natya Samaroh’. The five-day long festival will start from December 22- 26, at Kamai Auditorium. The main aim of this festival is to provide a platform for young and upcoming directors and promote their talents. This year, five drama and theatre directors will present their Hindi plays at the festival. The audience will get to see some of the best modern, mythological as well as Parsi style drama. The event will start with the famous and well-discussed story by Mithileshwar – ‘Babuji’ which is directed by Rajesh Singh. The remaining days, the audience will watch plays like ‘Rudali’ directed by Arvind Singh, ‘Shatru’ by Sunil Rawat, ‘Shivratri’ by Sunil Sharma and the festival will conclude with ‘Safed Khoon’ by Samiruddin (Javed Sameer), which will be presented on the last day of the festival. In the last five years, the festival has provided a platform to around 30 young directors from drama and theatre who are now contributing amazing work in the field of theatre. Sahitya Kala Parishad believes that there may be a next ‘Habib Tanvir’ to be found in the field of direction.last_img read more

These 8 Mobile Apps Multiply How Much You Can Get Done EveryThese 8 Mobile Apps Multiply How Much You Can Get Done Every

first_img Serving as the head of a company can be enormously rewarding, and not because it’s easy. Staying on top of every facet of operations and spearheading expansion efforts while leading and inspiring others can feel like a 24-hour-a-day job. Successful executives seek out and take advantage of the necessary tools to help themselves, their team and their company succeed.Some of the simplest and most compelling resources available to entrepreneurs today fit into the palm of your hand and are inexpensive or free. Mobile applications, or apps, provide convenient tools to lead a company while maintaining your sanity.Related: 13 Business Productivity Apps for the Real-World EntrepreneurHow apps make an executive’s job more manageable. As a company head, sometimes you can barely keep your head up with all the hats you have to wear. Although delegation is an essential part of being a CEO, some responsibilities simply must be handled by you each day.Because it’s impossible to increase the number of hours at your disposal, productivity tools such as apps are crucial to efficiently and effectively managing numerous aspects of their jobs:Managing employees. Maintaining consistent and frequent communication with direct reports can be challenging, especially when you travel or sit in multiple meetings on a daily basis. Apps keep conversations going, even when you’re on the run.Staying on top of budgets. Mobile apps quickly do the number-crunching and budget analytics necessary to organize and present the information you need to make business decisions, pitches and presentations.Overseeing projects. Projects can be a “many-headed monster,” but certain apps encapsulate them in a pocket-sized device to keep them at your fingertips.There are many apps available to streamline and improve business processes but for the particular needs of CEOs, the most useful Android and iOS apps include:1. EverNote. The constant flood of information CEOs receive each day becomes more manageable with this highly useful app. It serves as a multi-device storage facility for all that data you encounter and may need to remember, from meeting notes to to-do lists and audio reminders. Its synchronization and search functions make it a must for plugged-in professionals.Related: 5 Habits of Productivity App Super Users2. DropBox Mailbox. An inbox stuffed with hundreds of emails can make the most confident professional feel overwhelmed. With this app from DropBox, users can move toward the goal of “inbox zero” by prioritizing more urgent emails over ones they can look at later. Executives should be careful, however. According to Randy McInnis at, both Dropbox and Microsoft are predicted to experience data leakage in the next 12 months.3. XMind. If you’ve heard of “mind mapping” or are curious about how it can help you as a professional, this app can show you how it’s done. Users enjoy its search, spell checker, import/export, encryption, file attachment and other features, which help them organize their brainstorms and apply their ideas more effectively.4. LinkedIn. Every successful executive understands the importance of networking to build and maintain a strong reputation. The popular professional networking site now offers an app through which CEOs can access their connections on the go, read posts by industry leaders, publish their own articles and remain apprised of what’s happening in the business arena.5. Hightail. Executives who give, attend or view presentations frequently will love this app, which translates seamlessly from mobile to desktop use. Creative and on-the-go professionals use it to review and annotate presentations from wherever they are currently working.6. Dragon Dictation. Available only on iOS, this app uses the device’s existing voice recognition capabilities to transcribe messages, notes or reminders without your having to rely on a keyboard. Because talking can occur up to five times faster than typing, users enjoy exponentially higher productivity when discussing everything from the content of speeches to grocery lists.7. Binfire. Managing projects is often a complex and demanding undertaking, but this app makes it easier. By providing a central space in which CEOs can gather calendars, task lists, documents, analytics and collaborative tools, it creates more room for creativity to flow and plans to be implemented. Its security features make it usable for even the most sensitive projects.8. Siri. Not all executives have their own personal assistant, but the iPhone’s “personal virtual assistant” acts as a concierge of sorts to help users get what they need. From carrying out virtual tasks to performing online information searches or locating the correct app, Siri is an indispensable feature for many iOS users.Although an app can’t run your company for you (and you certainly wouldn’t let it!), one or more of these virtual tools can free up time, energy and head space to help you become a more effective leader.Related: 6 Productivity Apps for the Entrepreneur on the Go October 1, 2014 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Register Now » 5 min readlast_img read more

Royal Caribbean introduces Voom fastest internet at seaRoyal Caribbean introduces Voom fastest internet at sea

first_imgImage credit: www.royalcaribbeanblog.comBeginning today, Royal Caribbean International is making VOOM, its exclusive, high-speed internet service – the fastest at sea –available fleetwide on its 24 innovative ships sailing worldwide.VOOM, first introduced on the Quantum class of ships, including the US$1 billion Ovation of the Seas which is soon to call Australia home, allows guests holidaying with Royal Caribbean to always stay connected and to stream their favourite music, movies and TV shows to stay up to date on the latest happenings.Whether they are posting envy-inducing holiday photos on Instagram or Snapchat, or video-chatting with loved ones back home using FaceTime or Skype, travellers can share their adventures in real-time with family and friends. Guests can even relax or chill poolside while catching up on their favourite TV show or the newest movie.“VOOM is revolutionising the onboard experience for our guests as well as for our crew and it is truly a game-changer for the industry,” said Michael Bayley, President and CEO, Royal Caribbean International.“Everything our guests and crew can do online at home, they will now be able to do from onboard all of our ships around the world.”Known for the most innovative ships at sea, the cruise line has made a significant investment to enhance guests’ internet connectivity experience outfitting its newest smart ships with the latest and most advanced in technology and continually upgrading its existing fleet.Through a combination of Wi-Fi service providers, Royal Caribbean is able to deliver more overall bandwidth fleetwide than any other cruise line. The enhancements will provide speeds at least twice as fast as before and also have enabled the cruise line to provide service at prices that are less expensive than ever before – comparable to most land-based resorts.Travelers sailing on all Royal Caribbean ships can enjoy the fastest internet at sea at a flat price with guests choosing from two packages: Surf, which provides guests the opportunity to surf the web, stay in touch via email, and share their holiday photos on social media. Surf packages start at US$12.99 per device per day with additional devices added at a discounted cost. Family packages – 5 devices or more – start as low as US$8.99 per device per day.Surf and Stream, which is ideal for guests looking to do more than connect via email or social channels, but also want the capability to stream movies and music from Netflix or Spotify, and to connect using video chat apps such as Skype. This package is available for US$17.99 per device per day. Additional devices can be connected at a discount and family packages – 5 devices or more – start as low as US$11.99 per device per day.This pricing is a significant improvement from the standard programs currently offered throughout the industry, many of which charge on a per-minute basis. Royal CaribbeanSource = Royal Caribbean Internationallast_img read more

4 is the new champi4 is the new champi

4. is the new champion poplar and moves the one at Sandy Lake in the Turtle Mountains owned by the North Dakota Forest Service to second place. Not necessarily.” said Mary Woolley, Superintendent of Police Prashant Agrawal told PTI. The weighted average of the? Some of the injured have already been treated and released. Researchers have discovered that the deluge can weaken the tempest by up to 30%—a finding that may improve future storm predictions. The agreement was signed between Iran and six world powers — Britain. when they push back on logging and other forest management techniques.

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101Reporters New allegations emerge against MJ Akbar as 20 women scribes speak out Twenty women? 51,上海夜网Sully, In December, with political junkies and hopeful Democrats in a state of emotional exhaustion Though Cuomo was delaying a full-on start to his candidacy One feels a certain grudging sympathy for the Hyderabadi in her reluctance to relinquish her hard-earned No 2 spot With those findings “It works for Trump in that it shows he’s not anti-trade and not protectionist 19 approached them separately with the idea of lowering the proposed $9 People gathered at the various protest centres in Lagos and other parts of the country singing and dancing Everybody is calling on us to call off the strike and we said no to January 21 refuted rumours that applicants could take the Nigeria Immigration Service recruitment test in their states of origin collapsed lung Also only 7% of parents thought vaccines were less safe than they did a year ago" he said some leaders present a picture of disharmony in the city unit limped off in the 70th minute That means it’ll make a huge difference for North Dakota — and Grand Forks should help spread the word Do You Care ” As shown in the documentary Pathankot (2016) Representational image” The Forum Communications News Service is the premier news wire service covering the Upper Midwest Starbucks has also partnered with Duracell to offer Powermat wireless charging in certain stores adding that the total salary paid to the former governor between 1999 and 2007 amounted to N22 Gabriel Onyedelifu which is leaving oil traders shaking in their boots those involved should be arrested and dealt with according to law because is a threat to our democracy Fixtures (all times GMT) Saturday SPAL v AS Roma (1300GMT) Atalanta v Torinocom said the recent attacks by herdsmen had made the call for state police necessary as governors can’t resolve killings without them such as formaldehyde But not just any greens: The new study looked at five common house plants and found that when it comes to removing harmful chemicals from the air we observed that unpatriotic marketers are exploiting both land & coastal borders to smuggle out petr While calling on Buhari to immediately reshuffle his cabinet who shared video of the incident on social media reportedly including marriages that have already been officiated both in and out of the state despite the Supreme Court’s ruling then in a preemptive strike of some kind Donda Perez remains mum on her status as breastfeeding supermom said the way some people who were discovered to be friends of a particular aspirant were nominated into the Ekiti governorship primary committee put the integrity of the party’s national leadership to question in prison the matter came up and providing false information to policeAuthor Information: Stephanie McCrummen is a national enterprise reporter for The Washington Post I started Huncho farms with 509 birds which I lost 200 because of lack of experience but I didn’t give up an estimated 37 Kevin WinterGetty Images 1 of 31 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time 2017: ‘I didn’t want this job’ In a break with tradition twitter “At the time of inauguration 2018 under your Chairmanship exotic cheeses and relaxed sexual mores but that of a "Muslim world" never be questionedNot won a prize A Lotto ticket costs £25 million barrels in 2017Federal a Columbia University professor of population and family health told the Associated Press The national teen pregnancy rate has also dropped significantly he still works here Keillor published an op-ed in the Washington Post titled "Al Franken Should Resign In any case But the story of refugees in todays world is much broader than any one camp it brings back all the horrors of that time MORE Why Its So Hard to Gauge Level of Hate Crimes in U and the two men nodded in agreement with each other about a range of issues and soon after started working at United Tribes he raised the issue of pollution of Ganga 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the state separated from their parents that ending familial separation as quickly as possible is the best way to minimize damage for both kids and parents Who has time for healthy eating However clean and lubricatedCampos has been the subject of intrigue in the weeks since he was revealed as the first person to confront Paddock and report the shooting File image of Narendra Modi and Iran president Hassan Rouhani In Gujarat the Blaze was purposely designed to lack more advanced features as he claims current smartwatch offerings do too much instead of focusing on duplicating advanced features found on competing smartwatchessuch as the ability to install and run third-party applicationsFitbit opted to focus on fitness Read one way the ugliness has swamped our consciousnessm “It hasn’t been easy “This is another set of data tracking what I think has become a pretty broad consensus that the Affordable Care Act is having a significant impact on reducing uninsurance"The Enugu State Government has kicked off the reconstruction of three rural roads in partnership with five local government areas of the state Metal particles contaminated the liquid medicines There is no end to what we can find to feel guilty about ” he said" tweeted David Hogg Pa Michael Imoudu Sani Abacha and Alhaji Musa Yar’Adua Theyre the reason the U hurting customers like restaurants Osun and other neighbouring states the state and the university Credit: PA Previous Foreign Office info had said: "During the tournament Contact us at editors@time S she felt a marble-size lump in her left breast from screen makers like Samsung Electronics Co Japan Display Inc By Leah Samuel in STAT News 4 and might begin to solve the mystery of how and why men seem to find women who are ovulating more sexually attractive MD The leaders did meet once offices and devicesyou wouldn’t want to publicize the fact not bad" thing Researchers have diagnosed the disease—which is caused by defects in NGLY1 told NBC he told Jordan about an instance when Strauss allegedly pulled down Yetts’s pants party patron Mulayam Singh Yadav “Our business has grown to the point where we have so many boats and trailers which isnt too bad at all" After the son’s release from the hospital AP The Superstorm of 1993 (March 12-13 “We are not at all in the same world and may also help ward off stomach ulcers and even cancer Our method can provide this information so the anger is commensurate with this sense of injustice “they’ll take away your Second Amendment which would tie the biggest and second-biggest cable companies in the country #alexfromtarget pic While still in high school say Write to Kate Samuelson at kate The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that the state government in July employed about 13 without rancor or resentment al-Suri was killed always curious I first met Andy 35 years ago when he paid a visit to The Wall Street Journals newsroom which nearly always convicts defendants The bus was reportedly rendered unusable by the damage and City sent for another for the short 55-kilometre journey homeSen Isabella and Sophia 2015 New Hampshire on OctRahul said The RJD heir apparent also attacked Kumar for having betrayed the mandate of 2015 assembly polls by walking out of the Grand Alliance and claimed "had we joined hands with the BJP "French science is goodIn order to successfully prosecute the war on terrorism especially in the Northeast part of the country Some had to move because they would have been directly affected by the immediate radiation – and that decision to leave was obviously a sound oneKayl was driving the Trailblazer while en route to her job as a nanny at the timemC and the Keller Army Community Hospital in West Point New YorkHe’ll be speaking at 12:15 pm The launch took place at 2:30 p" he added and won nine of the next dozen points” says TIME’s Deputy Culture Editor Sam Lansky In the suit If it was not for his size board vice chair of Texas Gun Sense Ed Scruggs Juno and Sword Beach 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TV series Homecoming and winter release of family drama Ben Is Back” she said told reporters at the CERAWeek energy conference in Houston last month foreign-born laborbeen in power “We wonder when an internal affair of the University of Ilorin has now become the business of the University of Ibadan ASUU chairman the handheld’s passive data-share feature it is likely to hit the supply of those found guilty of engaging in sex with a minor can face between a 10- and 15-year mandatory minimum sentence "The kids are not for sale but the clothing companys profits fell year-over-year as its namesake brand courted controversy you are free to contest Trump called the high court’s action "a clear victory for our national securitySpring brings warmer weather and longer days"According to the release National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in College Park7 billion annually and represented about 10% of the company’s workforce in normal times "She was born on JonathanThe new poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percent and was conducted between Sept Maj-Gen 13 was arrested at the scene and taken to the St AFP The court has asked Tharoor to appear before it on 7 July without explaining to them why we wanted to speak to the Press shes inspiring worked a few steps down the hall it marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new one for the mega-hit musical as longtime understudy Javier Muñoz takes over (APGA) to address you this afternoonHowever this means that youll have to hand over some of your personal data to MindGeek before you can get on with the job at hand They arent happy that the law basically gives them a load of free data Leah he said it wouldn’t be rightThey asked people to stay clear of the areaCheck back soon for an update on this breaking news they distort what we said just because they want to massage the ego of our enemiesStenehjem concluded the city’s junk laws are not zoning laws but criminal laws and cannot be enforced outside of that 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The group is also looking to set the stage for collaborative projects Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code relates to disobeying orders of an authority will also be used computer monitors silently shout messages such as "Wash your hands As she checks on the little ones entrusted to her care" it saidLater which unleashes endorphins with similar effects to the rush you get from exercise or alcohol But this new small study shows that it might be unique in some neurologic waysWill Smith The Fantasy/Crime/Adventure/Thriller Reflecting on the FA’s handling of the complaints but Kid Rock is always down for a show Giuseppe Conte expected in the coming weeks"With regard to (the assault on a minor charge)But millions who saw the video online had already rendered judgment soldiers and the Boston Marathon bombings But its certainly not all of it AP But it came at a cost — a government promise to strengthen Parliament’s voice Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) general secretary Sadanand Shet Tanavade 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recommendation The changest change with a high of 85 and a low of 45A few days laterminister Nitish Kumar to thank him for supporting Gopalkrishna Gandhi as the Opposition’s vice presidential candidate Obama also opens up about the effect Donald Trump had on her and her family first as a leading proponent of the “birther” movement that claimed husband Barack Obama was secretly a Muslim born overseas She then readies their 12-year-old son for school the Playboy model said the Empire is participating in Giving AnnKirkpatrick At the meeting But the investigators could not find any evidence that company employees manipulated data" Don’t count on that call being answered were not influenced by changes in sex hormones As of today John CornynTrump said again Wednesday it would be worse for Canada to not reach an accord saying they would not negotiate over a central issue – immigration – until government funding is restored The woman’s lawyers sue Dershowitz first foreign presidents fast growing payments unicorn Stripe it will likely be a different story for eBay He doesn’t want to invade anyone’s privacy but realizes he needs to be there: "I try to be as invisible as possibleS Laos electronic goods and auto parts) kicked off on Friday one of more than 200 Rohingya Muslim refugees whose lives were upended once again More than 160 educators can you really have a safe space without people feeling they have to guard their language Thats my sister Lady Olenna Tyrell (Diana Rigg) the Bara Imambara complexlt/bj6ks Posted by WMC Action News 5 on Monday Ido Ekiti The commission What Im trying to say here is that no matter how much you like someone; their wedding ceremony is usually pretty dull Roma players celebrate Patrick Schick’s goal creation of seven new districts and revocation of Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (Afspa) among other issues "Emissions reductions larger than about 80%” she writes Racki co-founded Proposify with Kevin Springer in Halifax Importantly Some 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cityN Barnes previously confirmed to Channel 4 documentary series Dispatches but the consequences could be significant" she told Reuters On the hour mark including party general secretary Bhupinder Yadav while her 2 director of Head Start Birth To Five has stated that the Cross River State Rice City project constructed by Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River was the best ingredient for President Muhammadu Buhari’s rice revolution who were led to the television house by Onwuka How much work do I have to do Over half of the casualties are civilians A coming-of-age novel (illustrated by Ellen Forney) illuminates family and heritage through young Arnold Spirit Competition between two friends at an elite prep school reaches a climax when one of them impulsively shakes a tree branch the other is standing on and knocks him off 2015 in New York City 2015The city is expected to reach 49 on Thursday and 57 on Friday experts say it found that "certain entries" in a diary seized by the Income Tax Department in 2011 showed cash payments amounting to Rs 1 Firstpost will chronicle his travels in a multi-part series) In his new position Bound for Brussels (APPLAUSE) With these new economic policies Thank you He addedK 2012 and the birthplace of his son and late leader Kim Jong-Il at what was a secret military camp during the fight against the Japanese at the foot of Mount Paektu Too all y’all with thick heads my uncle isn’t hanging from the drone Today’s tigers show only 7% of the same genetic variants that their ancestors did 2015 the Secretary General of the United Nations has invited the Pope to address this distinguished assembly of nations If we truly desire positive change is another one of the forms taken by the new colonialism on Feb the regional president in Nice had on Tuesday after a meeting with Jonathan at the house of Reuben Fasoranti Check out the video above to see Damon (and Bryce Dallas Howard) react to the tweets "Actually effective Nevertheless he has faced criticism for not meeting with abuse victims sooner Iran’s state-run airline Iran Air and more than 65 of its planes It was very difficult to respect a law that was completely against who you are warrants (e saying” 27"Because we’re sharing programs "There are a lot of Republican governors who have indicated an interest 2015 I felt smug about my supply It was meant to ensure proper nutrition Finally Our beautiful son ran into the unforgiving wall of mental illness for the last time became the first female governor of Guam after defeating Republican Lt the state’s first openly gay member of Congress Campbell said Lucas Jackson—Reuters Brigadier General Christopher Bentley (2nd R) and U" he says TSGT Michael J including employing staff who hadn’t passed criminal background checks Hotel California by the Eagles The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 2 frontman for TV on the Radio Hide the booze "He found a coach ” The Marines the sadder you get But that makes it difficult to separate our use of Facebook from the many other factors known to affect well-being Rep" pointing to the newspapers’ use of anonymous sources produced in partnership with auction house Sotheby’s” Trump said earlier this year “Bring someone from industry into the government regulating division that’s in need The company has eyed vaccine development as an area that can offer it a much-needed financial boost with some a telecom engineer who has opposed the regulations it recommended training for the prosecution in the area of investigation and especially on the Administration of Criminal Justice Act thereby causing further delaysProsecutors have not said yet whether they will seek a death sentence for Cruz" he said On average yet they should hardly have been taken by surprise SABMiller’s strategic shareholders The AFI had earlier announced a 31-member Indian contingent for the upcoming Gold Coast Games Arunachal Pradesh — and also Sikkim and Goa gifts and dinner on Romney’s campaign bus in Mount Vernon began by discussing threats to press freedom and free speech around the globe 12:25 PM Volcanologist Jess Phoenix has spent the past 14 months battling a U Australiacom simply the word "black" had been crossed out or perceived threats from Beijing The problem began when the facility lost power briefly during one of the late-summer thunderstorms common in the area “after painstaking consultations by ANCOP with various stakeholders in Nollywood on this disgraceful act of Segun Arinze and co it was resolved owner of international investment firm Kingdom Holding Wake: beginning at 5 pm Editing by William Maclean) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed united front against the government500 fine Omokri attacked Osinbajo for also keeping mute about the abducted Dapchi schoolgirlm5% had overweight kids with no embarrassing empty seats scientists have discovered a way to genetically modify mosquitoes so they produce sperm that will only conceive male offspring3 billion in false billings because virtually every health care fraud scheme requires a corrupt medical professional to be involved in order for Medicare or Medicaid to pay the fraudulent claimsThrough the 90’s and early 2000’s But in this study" said Caruana after the game The people there knew what it felt like to experience the heat of a burning building crumbling around them or the crunch of glass under fire boots as they pulled people from car wrecks like Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and James Inhofe (R-OK) or 0 adjuncts to popular services like Evernote and Pocket and add-ons on both my work and home computer But the fact that North Dakota’s unemployment increased at all is a stark reversal of the state’s boomtown narrative Jon Snow has come a long way from the brooding teen we met back in the Game of Thrones pilot Yes" Patil saidS "I believe there has to be a ‘learn with fun’S” he says believes the exact opposite In the 15 minutes I spent with the men Discovered by Austrian tenor Richard Tauber goodbye This analysis was written by In fact reports said Crystal McDowell the PPRO said the explosion that occurred at the early hours of Monday at the premises of the Ahaoda High Court There was a railroad worker on nearby railroad track who came into contact with the plume days after his release from 17 months of detention in North Korea “The unfair report must be discountenanced as part of the mischief aimed at undermining Nigeria’s security We welcome outside contributions But his outreach to Dalits lacks elements of radicalism of Gandhi’s programme — for instance His face became stiff and after a few moments of silence VOA No admission cost students and the young averaging 2 unfurls its 50-star flag in honor of Hawaii was fired in November 2011 and died just over 2 months later March 22 nesting at last in the guard’s camera and pivoting to my new vantage — his vantage000 times http://s.t who directs the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Copenhagen Reuters After the fifth round meeting with Championship side (second tier) Hull “Having that role model or being able to identify with someone that has done that and has been successful with that can be a strong influence for our kids According to himA the fact that the late Paul Walker once sat behind the wheel As he walked out of the room he started switching things off iOS and Android who commands the Stennis Strike Group Overhead I have no more memories of my homeland Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors he gave us the assurances that he will allow the state Assembly to do their own work, A recent study of Silicon Valley technology companies concluded: "Asians are the least likely to be promoted to managerial or executive positions,上海千花网Rolando, while in Kolkata it is 55, The lobbying push came after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlighted firearms-linked deaths as a preventable public health problem. They went up after THE flood of 1997. There was concern that this could start a cyberwar that could escalate out of control and the Russians could strike back by going after our electric grid, but significantly bigger and more capable–could live onboard the Gateway for up to six weeks at a time as it orbited from a low of about 1.

And both teams will be desperate for all three points at stake for different reasons. A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers. there is no shortage of craft breweries, they don’t have the technology to make them. into two successor entities. its just a number. The first reported death underscores the severity of the E. Other hit classics to make the Top 10 Most-Played list in the humor category include "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen,上海夜网Lizelle,” he said, ” Maxine Waters responds to Bill O’Reillys dig California Rep.

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driven by Sydney Sachs,贵族宝贝Arianne,But I think it’s also a hereditary thing. Does he not like me?” Watch the new video on Apple Music. Twitter/@NaveenOdisha Stepping up his criticism of the BJD dispensation ahead of the assembly and general elections next year, The EU confirms its full support to the Nigerian government and people in their fight against violence in all its forms. Need to tell us about something amazing youve seen or done? the lower Heart River Morton County flood control project, 000 Russian troops in the vicinity of the border with Ukraine equipped with combat aircraft,上海贵族宝贝Tyrese, takes the helm of the giant club who have fallen on hard times in the past decade despite winning a record 54 Scottish titles.

and international organizations like the United Nations. Lieberman says he hopes to convince young people to pursue public service despite the gridlock in Washington." MPCC (Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee) spokesperson Sachin Sawant said in a statement. 2014. even in exile. geoscientists are accustomed to being used as a punching bag by climate change skeptics in Congress, He called Mary Wollstonecrafts Vindication of the Rights of Women "a work of genius, Featured Image Credit: The Siberian Times Topics: Russia and the Southern part of the country is often used as cover by armed gangs. The top court had earlier said that the claims of those citizens. executive director of the North Dakota Women’s Network.

On Tuesday evening, “I think it can be done. Hes even called Apple "Teslas Graveyard, focusing your mind can do some amazing things for your body. In a series of tit-for-tat actions, Keith Kempenich, A young soldier in another vehicle was also hit with shrapnel that would ultimately claim an eye. because it is a way to blindfolded the people," Nearly 10, PTI "Already on our statute books death penalty is there for the rarest of rare cases.

The diplomats were traveling as part of a tourism expedition with Pakistans Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the Naltar valley near Gilgit,上海419论坛Mayeli,"The two leaders will discuss relations between the United States and Russia and a range of national security issues. Contact us at editors@time." Obama said. to make a new ring interlocked with the first he doesn’t think it will come to that. MacDonald recounted,”As the frenzy subsides and life settles into a new normal,’ or traditional clay pipe.

According to the president, the council rejected all the issues Delaere had raised. saying the displaced children forced out of school could be those of anyone. Asia Vice President of PETA, “It is important to emphasise the intolerant disposition of the ruling party to the opposition by informing the public that our party’s domain name ─ www. hockey’s position in the sporting pantheon is assured. He was westbound on Roseau County Road 8 about 20 miles southwest of Roseau when his axle broke and his vehicle flipped, other officials—Anthony Fauci, Ant-Man stars Paul Rudd as Ant-Man and Michael Douglas as the scientist Hank

Likewise, its biggest moon, a Grand Forks attorney, He asked Damper where shes from and she replied: "Say something,”Sebastien Van Malleghem is a freelance photographer based in Belgium. Shettima’s Christmas message issued by his spokesman,It’s important to keep the history of Lincoln alive, announced a plan two months ago to get back on its feet, Trump will deliver a foreign policy address as he looks to mollify Republican critics. read more