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Spain Rescues 339 Migrants Crossing Mediterranean on Seven BoatsSpain Rescues 339 Migrants Crossing Mediterranean on Seven Boats

Rabat – The Spanish maritime rescue service has saved 339 migrants who attempted to cross the Mediterranean from the Moroccan coast on Wednesday, August 16.The migrants’ seven boats were separately intercepted on Wednesday, said Spanish news website, 20 Minitos.According to the same source, the Spanish maritime rescue service said that the migrants were taken by three ships to the southern Spanish city of Tarifa. The Spanish website said that one of the ships was carrying 34 migrants from sub-Saharan African countries. The rest of the would-be migrants came from the Maghreb countries.Tens of thousands of migrants from Africa are undertaking the fatal journey to Europe on board smugglers’ boats every year, with many drowning along the way.The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said that an estimated 180,245 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2016, arriving in Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Spain, from January 1 to April 20.The number of fatalities stand at 1,232, including nearly 500 believed to have died off Libya earlier this month, the organization added.IOM estimates that some 25,586 migrants and refugees arrived in Italy by sea between January 1 and April 21, 2016. Of these, 6,200 arrived during the first two weeks of April.Spain’s Interior Ministry estimated the number of migrants successfully reaching Spain via the border fence route was about 3,200 in 2016. So far in 2017, they say, that number has already doubled. read more

Awards marred by controversy Minister assures probeAwards marred by controversy Minister assures probe

The first Presidential media awards held today was marred by controversy, particularly with some of the organising aspects of the awards ceremony.Concerns had also been raised about some of the winners picked in the newspaper categories. Meanwhile, some newspaper Editors invited for the awards ceremony walked out after not being allocated appropriate seating. President Maithripala Sirisena had expressed regret over the incident and requested the Minister of Mass Media to look into the issue.Media Minister Ruwan Wijewardene also expressed regret over the incident and assured an investigation. (Colombo Gazette) It is also learnt that several journalists had not even applied for the awards as there were concerns over the selection process.

Municipal leaders gather in Niagara FallsMunicipal leaders gather in Niagara Falls

Two thousand municipal leaders from across Canada are gathering in Niagara Falls this weekend for an annual meeting.Russ Powers, the head of Ontario Municipalities, says because the meeting is in a tourist destination — Niagara Falls — this year’s conference lured a particularly big crowd. Today’s big draw was the keynote speaker, federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.But Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi has been getting the most online attention for a photo he tweeted yesterday.Calgary’s mayor is known for his social media savvy and couldn’t resist a selfie with Canada’s oldest and youngest mayors.“Our last conversation with Hazel about how to approach the next federal election. You sound like you’ll miss Hazel! I will,” said Nenshi. “I don’t have to tell anyone in Ontario how remarkable she is.”Nenshi says the federal election next year should be about nothing but communities. “Now it’s up to the parties to say what they’ll do so I’m interested in what Trudeau has to say,” he said.Trudeau began his speech talking about transit. “You can’t move ahead on transit without help from other levels of government, so that’s why we’d have a national transit strategy,” said the federal Liberal leader.Nenshi tweeted he was most surprised that Trudeau started his speech by saying the Conservatives did something right. “It was good to index the gas tax but they didn’t go far enough,” said Nenshi via Twitter. read more

UN refugee agency concerned at plight of civilians in FYR of MacedoniaUN refugee agency concerned at plight of civilians in FYR of Macedonia

“We remain particularly concerned about the well-being of civilians caught in the conflict areas,” said Eric Morris, Special Envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to the former Yugoslavia and Albania, in a statement issued in Pristina. “Civilians must be protected from military attacks as well as political manipulations,” Mr. Morris said, adding that once people had fled out of fear of violence it was “extraordinarily difficult” to create the conditions for their safe return.The UNHCR office in Pristina reported today that over 3,000 people had entered Kosovo since fighting in the FYR of Macedonia started on 3 May. While initially most arrivals had come from the area around Kumanovo, where fighting was taking place, over the weekend more than 1,500 people came from the Tetovo region, after a nine-hour journey by foot over the mountains.The new arrivals — mostly women, young children and elderly men — told UNHCR that they had left for precautionary reasons, fearing an escalation of the violence. Those who fled from the Tetovo region reported a buildup of the Macedonian military in Tetovo’s rural areas.Meanwhile, the head of the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), Hans Haekkerup, left Kosovo today for UN Headquarters in New York, where he will hold consultations with Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Tuesday, and brief the Security Council the next day. read more

Single most important issue around the world is jobs says UN labourSingle most important issue around the world is jobs says UN labour

“In our reading of government, employers and workers, the constituents of the [International Labour Organization] ILO, and seen from the people who elect the parliamentarians, the single most important issue is the question of jobs,” said Juan Somavía, United Nations Director-General of the ILO, at a press conference highlighting the events of a global conference of parliamentarians.“What people are asking worldwide,” he elaborated, “is ‘give me a fair chance, at a decent job, and I will take care of my family, educate my children, live in the community where others work in peace’ – that political demand is global.”He also said that the overall consensus of the parliamentarians attending the Second World Conference of the Speakers of Parliament is that people want to know whether the international policies their governments are pursuing will actually help them live better lives. They also expect local leaders to represent their interests on an international level.“Parliamentarians are elected locally, so they can bring the local reality, the national reality to the international scene,” he added. But he said that despite the observer status that the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) has been able to reach with the UN, individual parliamentarians still need to have a more strategic relationship with the world body to be more effective.The ideas formulated by the more than 150 parliamentarians attending the conference co-sponsored by the IPU and the UN, will be used to draw up a declaration and plan of action that will contain their input to the 2005 UN World Summit taking place from 14 to 16 September. read more

Ohio State field hockey to open Big Ten Tournament against NorthwesternOhio State field hockey to open Big Ten Tournament against Northwestern

Sophomore forward Peanut Johnson (3) passes the ball during a game against Indiana Oct. 26 at Buckeye Varsity Field. OSU lost, 5-4.Credit: Sam Harrington / Lantern photographerAfter being shut out by then-No. 12 Northwestern, the Ohio State field hockey team (5-12, 0-6) is scheduled have a chance for revenge against the Wildcats Thursday in the first round of the Big Ten Tournament.The Buckeyes, who are seeded seventh in the tournament, are scheduled to take on the second-seeded Wildcats at 12:15 p.m.Despite the previous result against Northwestern, OSU coach Anne Wilkinson said the tournament is a new beginning for the Buckeyes.“To be in the tournament, starting fresh, it’s a new season,” Wilkinson said. “I think that (the players) are excited about it.”Senior midfielder Mona Frommhold said another chance against Northwestern is a great opportunity for OSU.“It’s a good chance to do something better … The last game we lost 5-0,” Frommhold said. “We just want to play differently this time. We want to win, actually.”Sophomore forward Peanut Johnson said this match will be different from the last because the team has a better idea of what to anticipate from the Wildcats.“Now we know what to except from (Northwestern),” Johnson said. “We worked on things specific to them so I think it should be a lot better game. We’re more focusing on what we can do in relation to how they play, but we are definitely focused on making ourselves better.”The Buckeyes need to focus on being able to finish the plays they have control over, Wilkinson said.“Really it’s our ability to execute,” Wilkinson said. “Statistically we had more corners than they did, but they finished their opportunities. So really we need to be able to execute our opportunities, so we worked on that with a little bit of pressure this week.”She said the main goal is to stop Northwestern from hitting dangerous areas on the field.“We have to be aware,” Wilkinson said. “They’ve got a lot of speed so we need to be able to shut down certain areas of the field. We need to recognize (their players) early, whether we can step and deny them the ball … we are trying to get some good matchups out there both defensively and on the attack.”Johnson said the other teams in the tournament might underestimate OSU because of its record, but that they shouldn’t count the Buckeyes out.“People might be taking us lightly but anything can happen in tournament time,” Johnson said. “We are all really committed to showing up this tournament.”OSU plays host to the Big Ten Tournament this year, with all games set to be played at Buckeye Varsity Field, and Frommhold said the home-team advantage will be a boost.“I think a lot of our fans are coming and will cheer for us,” Frommhold said. “We are all very excited for the tournament.”Wilkinson agreed.“We are excited but so is Northwestern,” Wilkinson said. “They are co-champions of the Big Ten and they’ve got a lot of quality players. We know it’s going to be a lot of work and we need to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that we get and really limit their chances.”The tournament is scheduled to open at 10 a.m Thursday with Michigan taking on Iowa. The Buckeyes are set to play after the first match. read more

Why 2014s NFL Draft Picks Should Hope Next Years Picks Are BadWhy 2014s NFL Draft Picks Should Hope Next Years Picks Are Bad

We won’t be able to fully assess the quality of this year’s NFL draft class until all the players retire. But we can be pretty sure their success will depend on more than innate ability. One important factor will be something they have little control over: The more success produced by a draft’s immediate predecessor and successor, the less value that draft is likely to produce.It’s a surprising finding. Normally we’d expect talent to be roughly equally distributed each draft, with some fluctuations. The draft process isn’t entirely random: College players can leave school early. But that should smooth any fluctuations, because the draft is, after all, an efficient market, so rational players should time their exit for when they’ll have the least competition from their peers.And yet, total value from a single draft depends on the year before and the year after.Two explanations strike me as most plausible.The first is that the total talent entering the draft each year does oscillate. That could happen because a particularly strong college class will get a disproportionate share of playing time and coaching, leaving surrounding classes weaker.The second possible explanation is that NFL teams can only play 11 men at a time; being surrounded by other young athletes getting a lot of playing time makes it harder for rookies to get on the field. That suggests that the underperforming draft class’s sin isn’t being less talented, but having bad timing, and therefore less opportunity.I think one of these two explanations is more likely than the other. But before I explain why, here’s what I did:I downloaded the data for every draft from 1970 — the year the AFL and NFL merged — to 2013 from Pro-Football-Reference. For each drafted player, each year, the website lists his career contribution to team success. Its unit of measure is the player’s approximate value (AV), an all-encompassing estimate of a player’s usefulness, for all positions. For its draft pages, PFR doesn’t use a simple sum of AV, but instead an alternative measure that takes into account a player’s overall career contribution and his peak value. (100 percent of his best single-season AV, plus 95 percent of his second-best season total, and so on.)To compare adjacent draft classes’ total AV, I had to account for the varying number of draft picks in a given season: as low as 222 in 1994, as many as 487 in 1976. For each pair of adjacent drafts, I chose the lower of the pair’s number of picks, n, and summed the AV of the players selected in the first n picks, for each draft. I then restricted the analysis to the period 1970 to 2002, because many of the players for subsequent seasons remain active, which could affect the year-to-year correlations. Then I checked the correlation of one draft class’s total value to the total value of the preceding and subsequent drafts. Each correlation was -0.54. The negative sign means the higher one class’s value, the lower the preceding year’s and following year’s. And the correlation was even more strongly negative between the value of one year and the average of the value for the year before and after: -0.7.The most extreme fluctuation, as Brady Butterfield noted this week on his blog, was from 1982 to 1983. The 1983 class, which included six Hall of Famers in the first round, produced 53 percent more AV than the year before. It also produced 36 percent more AV than the 1984 class.I then performed similar checks of offensive stats to see whether they hinted at the reason for the negative correlation. I wanted to check whether the effect was due to opportunity or performance. Counting stats represent opportunity: If players are getting on the field more, they’ll put up better numbers and higher AV totals, on average. Rate stats represent quality of performance: The more a player does with his opportunities, the better his rate stats and higher his AV totals.What I found is that opportunity was the chief driver of the results. Counting stats exhibited the same sort of negative correlation from year to year, especially for quarterbacks: For completions, attempts, yards and touchdowns, the higher the numbers the classes before and after compiled in their career, the lower the numbers that year’s class racked up, with a correlation for each of about -0.4. Yet for rate stats, the opposite effect held: The higher completion percentage and passer rating were for neighboring years, the higher it was for that year’s draft class, with a correlation for each of about 0.5. Quarterbacks surrounded by draft classes with lots of QBs who got a lot of playing time got to play less, but when they did, they were better. That suggested they had to do better to even get the chance to play.Opportunity matters in sports, as in other walks of life. General managers are inclined to give top draft picks playing time in the hope they’ll justify the pick. The careers of Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell demonstrate this phenomenon on a micro level. The macro-level data tells the same story. read more

Prince Philip crash Duke goes to hospital after collision as he takesPrince Philip crash Duke goes to hospital after collision as he takes

It is the same model as the one Prince Philip was driving in yesterday’s crash. It is believed to be the same car he has been seen driving near to Balmoral in September 2018, with a shared number plate. Armed police were on hand as the replacement vehicle was delivered to Sandringham, where Prince Phillip is now recovering.The Land Rover driven by the Duke in the accident was towed away after the crash which saw the car overturn and the windscreen smash.Photographs appeared to show the air bags deployed, with heavy scratches down the sides of the vehicle. Norfolk Constabulary said in a statement: “As is standard procedure with injury collisions, the incident will be investigated and any appropriate action taken. Norfolk Police said the two women – the 28-year-old Kia driver, who suffered cuts to her knee, and a 45-year-old passenger who broke a wrist – were treated at the local Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn that day and discharged.A nine-month-old baby boy also survived the crash unhurt in the Kia, police said. The Duke of Edinburgh has been to hospital to be examined after a serious car crash near the Sandringham Estate which saw his car roll.Prince Philip, 97, appeared to walk free from the wreckage on Thursday afternoon after being helped by passersby, and was initially said to have “no injuries”. On Friday he attended the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn for closer examination, with palace aides now saying he has “no injuries of concern”. A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “On doctor’s advice, The Duke of Edinburgh visited the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn this morning for a precautionary check-up.”This confirmed His Royal Highness had no injuries of concern. The Duke has returned to Sandringham.”Two women were injured in the accident, which also involved a Kia. The Duke has been in direct contact with them. The Palace spokesman said: “Contact has been made privately with the passengers in the other car and well-wishes exchanged.” A new Land Rover being delivered to Sandringham today “We are aware of the public interest in this case, however, as with any other investigation it would be inappropriate to speculate on the causes of the collision until an investigation is carried out.” Eyewitness Roy Warne helped the stricken duke out of his car and said the royal, who was left very shocked by the accident, asked if everybody was all right and was overheard telling police he had been “dazzled by the sun”.On Friday, a replacement Land Rover, previously driven by the Duke of Edinburgh, was delivered to the Sandringham Estate. The black Land Rover Freelander was transported inside a delivery truck. A new Land Rover being delivered to Sandringham todayCredit:Geoff Robinson Theresa May has offered her support to the duke following the accident. read more

RopeCon to transport gold ore at Morelos Gold Project MexicoRopeCon to transport gold ore at Morelos Gold Project Mexico

first_imgMinera Media Luna, a 100% owned subsidiary of Canadian company Torex Gold Resources has developed its first gold mine in Mexico at its Morelos gold project. Austrian company Doppelmayr Transport Technology, a member of the Doppelmay/Garaventa group was awarded a contract to build a RopeCon system for transporting the ore from the mine down to a stockpile in early 2013. The aerial continuous conveying system is applied as an alternative to trucking and will transport the material at an hourly design capacity of 1,000 t through the steep and tough terrain from the crusher over a distance of 1.3 km. The RopCon system is suited to this project due to its low operational cost, with the system generating power due to the difference in height. Construction is scheduled to start for the summer of 2014 with commissioning planned for the winter of 2014/2015.last_img read more

Geomorphic reclamation using Carlson Natural Regrade in SpainGeomorphic reclamation using Carlson Natural Regrade in Spain

first_imgA geomorphic-based process of mining reclamation carried out at the El Site of El Machorro mine in Spain (at the edge of the Alto Tajo Natural Park, East Central Spain) used the GeoFluv™ method within Carlson Natural Regrade software. It was used to design small watersheds as part of the mining reclamation topographical solution. In addition to detailing the design and reclamation with Natural Regrade, a paper on this project also describes their monitoring of the site for five years (2012–2017) and the positive results following the reclamation. Highlights include:A geomorphic reclamation (GR) process – designing, building and monitoring- is describedAfter adjustments to grading errors, the reclaimed area has high landform stabilityGR performed as an efficient alternative to traditional mining reclamation.The procedure for the mining reclamation topographical solution included: (i) finding a suitable reference area with stable landforms and acquiring inputs from them; (ii) designing two first-order stream watersheds; (iii) building the planned landscape; and (iv) monitoring the hydrological and erosive – sedimentary response of the reclaimed watersheds. This process is in itself a contribution to global advancement of reclamation best practices, because there are very few geomorphic-based mining reclamation examples, and even fewer that include their multi-annual monitoring. Sediment yields were obtained comparing Digital Elevation Models (DEM) acquired by Total Station (TS), Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS), differential Global Positioning System (GPS) and topographic reconstructions (interpretations). An H-flume with turbidity and water pressure sensors allowed quantifying runoff and suspended sediment. Sediment yield progressively decreased with time attaining a current low value (4.02 Mg ha−1 yr−1). Water discharge and suspended sediment concentration have also decreased with time.Initially, high sediment yield values were obtained. They are interpreted as being triggered by grading errors that deviated from the design, so that runoff adjusted construction irregularities during that period by erosion and sedimentation. After those adjustments, the reclamation surface became more reflective of the design and the resulting surface remained very ‘stable’. The deduction is that the geomorphic-based reclamation has re-established an approximate steady-state or dynamic equilibrium, where hydrological and erosive – sedimentary functionality operate now at rates comparable to the surrounding natural land. Although further research is required to confirm long-term stability, geomorphic reclamation appears as an efficient mining reclamation alternative solution to the traditional approach of gradient terraces and downdrains, which require frequent and costly maintenance, in the highly erodible setting of the Alto Tajo Natural Park surroundings, as well as in most open pit mines.last_img read more

Tatran Presov sack Djordje Rasic – Lamac is new coachTatran Presov sack Djordje Rasic – Lamac is new coach

Djordje RasicRoman LamacTatran Presov ← Previous Story Johannes Sellin joins MT Melsungen Next Story → WCh 2013 friendlies: Hungary tie with Poland – Danish win over Tunisia Slovak champion Tatran Presov sack Serbian coach Djordje Rasic after 18 month of cooperation. Rasic didn’t come at the start of the preparation for the second part of the season and that was the main reason for club’s owner Miloslav Chmeliar to break deal with the Serb and appoint Roman Lamac- ex Tatran’s player for the new coach.– We did not fire Rašić because of the results. If this was the reason, we would do it earlier. Team was supposed to start with the preparations for the second half of the season on Thursday, however Rašić did not appear. He sent us a text message, saying he will arrive to Prešov next week. This is unacceptable for us – Chmeliar said for local media. read more

Woman dies after car overturns in Cavan crashWoman dies after car overturns in Cavan crash

first_imgA WOMAN HAS died after the car she was driving hit a grass verge and overturned on a road in Cavan.The accident is believed to have happened sometime between midnight and 7 o’clock this morning at Drumahurk in Cavan. The car was discovered at around 7am today by a passing motorist.The 53-year-old driver was the only occupant of the car.The woman’s body was brought to Our Lady’s Hospital in Navan for a post-mortem.A forensic examination of the scene was carried out by crash investigators.Gardaí have called on any witnesses who can provide information about what happened to contact Cavan Garda Station on 049 436 8800.last_img

Clark County revises stormwater rulesClark County revises stormwater rules

first_imgClark County’s rules curbing stormwater pollution now include provisions required by a June federal court decision.Clark County commissioners on Tuesday unanimously voted to make permanent the temporary changes adopted immediately after the court’s ruling that the county violated the Clean Water Act from 2008 to 2011.“The previous board (of commissioners) attempted to find alternate ways to satisfy the dictates of the Department of Ecology,” Commissioner David Madore said. “At this point, we just need to comply.”In 2008, the county refused to adopt state standards for managing polluted runoff, dismissing them as an unreasonable burden to place on private developers.In 2011, U.S. District Judge Ronald B. Leighton issued an injunction against Clark County, ordering it to follow state default stormwater requirements that newly developed land drain as slowly as it did prior to Euro-American settlement.At the time, the county was defending its stormwater plan in the state courts, a fight it ultimately lost.Stormwater runoff is federally regulated as a major source of water pollution. It contains toxic metals, oil, grease, pesticides, herbicides, bacteria and nutrients that run off buildings and pavement into streams, degrading water quality and killing marine life.Water flow keyTo meet the state standard, computer models are used to determine how slowly land drained prior to Euro-American settlement. Back then, 95 percent of the county was forested, and the remaining land was prairie.last_img read more

Junket operator MegStar gives staff 5 pay riseJunket operator MegStar gives staff 5 pay rise

first_img Strong VIP growth sees Okada Manila GGR climb 72% in August 70% of Macau gaming market driven by 400,000 premium players: brokerage Macau junket operator Meg-Star Group has announced a 5% salary increase for all non-management employees effective from 1 March 2019. The increase applies to almost 98% of employees.Meg-Star also announced that it has given eligible employees a one-time bonus on the eve of Chinese New Year, “thanking all staff for their hard work and dedication to providing quality services.” The company currently operates eight VIP clubs in Macau, having launched two new locations in 2018 at City of Dreams, Altira and the Venetian. RelatedPosts JW Marriott at Galaxy Macau named venue and Galaxy Entertainment Group named Venue Sponsor for 2019 Asian Gaming Power 50 Black Tie Gala Dinner Load Morelast_img read more

Are Overt Acts Of Bipartisanship A Sign Of Change Or Just HarveyInspiredAre Overt Acts Of Bipartisanship A Sign Of Change Or Just HarveyInspired

first_img Share From Texas Standard:On Wednesday, the House easily approved nearly $8 billion in short-term funds for areas hit by Hurricane Harvey. Meanwhile, members of the Texas congressional delegation from both parties are working together to direct more federal money to the Gulf Coast, and to influence the way they are spent.This week’s short-term funding measure quickly became a part of a deal between President Donald Trump and House and Senate Democratic leaders that would tie the relief funds to raising the debt ceiling, and keeping the federal government funded. And that’s not sitting well with many Republicans on Capitol Hill.Meanwhile, Texas Republicans and Democrats are meeting this week to discuss further storm relief. Abby Livingston, Washington Bureau Chief for the Texas Tribune, says a bipartisan meeting of Texas lawmakers is a highly unusual event.“We’re seeing several very overt acts of bipartisanship,” Livingston says.The delegation meets Thursday, followed by a news conference featuring Houston-area lawmakers from both parties.Livingston says the spirit of bipartisanship among Texas Republicans and Democrats is sincere.“This feels quite a bit like 9/11,” she says. “This is a shock to a society, a huge major metropolitan area with many members of Congress. Even the members themselves – some of them have been trapped in their own homes.”last_img read more

Tylenol May Help Ease The Pain Of Hurt FeelingsTylenol May Help Ease The Pain Of Hurt Feelings

first_imgKristen Uroda for NPRIn one study, acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol) seemed to reduce the sting of rejection that people experienced after they were excluded from a virtual ball-tossing game.Nobody likes the feeling of being left out, and when it happens, we tend to describe these experiences with the same words we use to talk about the physical pain of, say, a toothache.“People say, ‘Oh, that hurts,’ ” says Nathan DeWall, a professor of psychology at the University of Kentucky.DeWall and his colleagues were curious about the crossover between physical pain and emotional pain, so they began a series of experiments several years back.In one study, they found that acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol) seemed to reduce the sting of rejection that people experienced after they were excluded from a virtual ball-tossing game.The pain pills seemed to dim activity in regions of the brain involved in processing social pain, according to brain imaging. “People knew they were getting left out [of the game], it just didn’t bother them as much,” DeWall explains.As part of the study, participants were given either acetaminophen or a placebo for three weeks. None of the participants knew which one they were given. Each evening, participants completed a Hurt Feelings Scale, designed as a standardized measure of emotional pain. They were asked to rank themselves on statements such as: “Today, being teased hurt my feelings.” It turned out that the pain medicine reduced reports of social pain.The emotional dampening documented in these experiments is not huge, but it appears significant enough to nudge people into a less-sensitive emotional state.Since that study was published in Psychological Science back in 2010, a body of evidence has accumulated that points to a range of subtle psychological effects attributed to acetaminophen. For instance, a study published in 2015 found that the pain medicine seems to diminish our emotional highs and lows. Another study pointed to a reduction in empathy among people taking acetaminophen.And a study published in October suggests the drug may dampen the tendency to distrust in people with borderline personality disorder.“Through reducing our attention to the outside world, acetaminophen appears to nudge us into a more psychologically insulated state,” says Todd Handy, a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia in Canada.Handy also studies mind-wandering. In one recent experiment, published in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, he and his collaborators found that acetaminophen seemed to make people care less about the mistakes they made when they zoned out. During the experiment, participants were asked to sit in front of a computer screen and complete a repetitive task. “Once every couple seconds, something flashes on the screen and you have to hit a button,” Handy explains. “We try to bore people so they will actually mind wander.”Handy found that people taking the painkiller mind-wandered at about the same rate as people on the placebo, but their reactions were different. “When people on Tylenol mind-wander, they’re shutting stuff out more effectively than people who aren’t on Tylenol.”Now, whether these subtle effects are good or bad depends on the context. Baldwin Way, a professor of psychology at Ohio State University who has also published on the effects of acetaminophen, says that in some instances, the emotional dampening could work against us.“If you’re speaking to your romantic partner and their emotions are blunted,” Way says, “and they react blunted and less emotional, that can probably have a negative effect.”On the other hand, say you’re anxious about an upcoming medical procedure, social situation or a job interview, “maybe having blunted emotions can help you perform more effectively,” Way says.But no one is recommending that people start popping the over-the-counter medication regularly to protect against social pain. Though it’s among the most common drugs in Americans’ medicine cabinets, it can be risky. Taking acetaminophen can cause gastrointestinal problems and taking large doses increases the risk of liver failure. People often don’t realize that acetaminophen is an ingredient in many different products, so they can inadvertently take too much.Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit Sharelast_img read more

Colin Its hard to believe Urban Meyer didnt knowColin Its hard to believe Urban Meyer didnt know

first_imgLast night, Ohio state Head Coach Urban Meyers was placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into whether Meyer knew of a 2015 domestic violence incident involving ex-wide receivers coach Zach Smith and his ex-wife Courtney. The scandal exploded yesterday when college football insider Brett McMurphy posted a story to Facebook that showed text messages from Courtney Smith and coaches’ wives, including Meyer’s wife Shelley, detailing the alleged abuse from Smith. At this point, it appears the only defense for Meyer is to claim that his wife never told him, and Colin is having a hard time buying it.Meyer has often spoken about his close relationship with his wife, and even did so at the recent B1G Media Day. It’s difficult to comprehend how the subject of an abusive staff member wouldn’t have come up at some point in the 3 years since she received the troubling texts.As this scandal unfolds and gains downhill momentum, it reminds Colin of past scandals at Penn State and Baylor where the denial was formed around the idea that people that talk to each other every single day never once discuss the topic at the center of the controversy. The only ones that believe it are the blind defenders of the program.Colin wasn’t buying it then, and he’s not buying it now. Unless Meyer can come up with something better, it might be over for him in Columbus.“Unfortunately we have a victim here and the town will put their arms around the coach yet again and ask me to believe the unbelievable.”@ColinCowherd on Urban Meyer— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) August 2, 2018last_img read more

Obamas State of the Union highlights executive actionsObamas State of the Union highlights executive actions

first_imgWASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. President Barack Obama sought Tuesday to restore public confidence in his presidency after a dispiriting year, pledging to use his White House authority with new force to advance an agenda that Congress has largely failed to support.In his fifth prime-time State of the Union address, Obama made clear that instead of trying to fix the mess in Washington, he was now promising to find ways around it.“America does not stand still,” Obama said. “And neither will I. Wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, that’s what I’m going to do.”In a speech that lasted just over an hour, Obama struck moments of bipartisan harmony, most starkly in an emotional moment near the end when he called on the nation to draw inspiration from Cory Remsburg, an Army ranger blinded in one eye by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan during his 10th deployment.Remsburg, who was dressed in his uniform and seated next to First Lady Michelle Obama, drew a lengthy standing ovation from lawmakers in the House chamber, and he flashed them a determined thumbs up.For most of the speech, however, Obama made clear he would no longer be content to wait for Congress’ approval after a bruising 2013 in which it rarely came. He challenged lawmakers to work with him to achieve breakthroughs on large-scale initiatives to overhaul immigration laws and provide more benefits to U.S. workers, including a higher minimum wage and extension of long-term unemployment insurance.But he also sketched out more than a dozen ways in which he intends to use executive powers to try to boost the economy on his own.Obama covered topics as wide-ranging as equal pay for women, gun violence and Iran’s nuclear program. He ticked off accomplishments: a rebounding housing market, lower unemployment, manufacturing gains and lower annual deficits.Yet he made the case that Congress, and Washington politics more broadly, had become a roadblock to progress.When Washington’s fighting “prevents us from carrying out even the most basic functions of our democracy – when our differences shut down government or threaten the full faith and credit of the United States – then we are not doing right by the American people,” Obama said.He faced a tricky task: winning over a nation that has grown less trustful of his leadership after a year in which the federal government was partially shuttered for 17 days and the administration botched the rollout of Obama’s signature health-care law. First lady Michelle Obama, waving, and her guests attend the president’s annual State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday in Washington. Washington Post photo by Nikki KahnFor the first time on the eve of a State of the Union address, more U.S. citizens rate his performance negatively than positively, with 50 percent disapproving. To that end, Obama announced a list of executive actions that he will pursue in the coming months aimed at slowing the widening income gap among families, which the White House has called a top priority for the year. Among them were plans to raise the minimum wage for federal contract workers to $10.10 an hour, create a new government-backed private retirement savings plan and speed up implementation of a previously announced program to connect schools to broadband wireless.White House aides described the initiatives as having the potential to help millions of U.S. citizens gain more take-home pay, job training and education. They pointed to previous examples of Obama using executive action to defer deportations of hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants brought to the country by their parents as children and to strengthen regulations on carbon emissions at power plants.Such moves “were bigger than anything Congress passed in the last two years aside from the budget,” one senior administration official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to preview Obama’s speech.But Republicans quickly denounced the new proposals as small potatoes and accused the president of failing to work through the legislative process to achieve more sweeping initiatives.“I suspect the president has the authority to raise the minimum wage for those dealing with federal contracts,” House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said before the speech Tuesday, after Obama’s plans were leaked by the White House. “But let’s understand something: This affects not one current contract; it only affects future contracts with the federal government. And so I think the question is: How many people, Mr. President, will this executive action actually help? I suspect the answer is somewhere close to zero.”White House aides acknowledged that the program pertains to future contracts, and they were unable to quantify how many could be helped by the program in the next year, saying more details would be announced in the coming days as Obama embarks on a four-state tour Wednesday and Thursday to rally the public behind his initiatives.In the official Republican Party response to Obama’s address, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., faulted Obama’s approach to the economy. Though the unemployment rate fell last month to 6.7 percent – the lowest level in more than five years – the drop was powered mostly by a growing number of unemployed people who stopped looking for work. “Last month, more Americans stopped looking for a job than found one,” McMorris Rodgers said. “Too many people are falling further and further behind because, right now, the president’s policies are making people’s lives harder.”The exception to the combative posture from the White House was on immigration reform, which House Republican leaders have signaled in recent weeks that they could be ready to entertain. Obama touched just briefly on the topic, reiterating his call for a comprehensive bill that includes a path to citizenship for the nation’s 11 million to 12 million undocumented immigrants. Washington Post photo by Nikki KahnOverall, Obama’s scaled-down ambitions were reflected in how his speech compared with last year’s, which he concluded with an emotional appeal to Congress to approve a set of gun-control laws his administration had proposed after the mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn.Congress rejected each of those proposals, and though Obama touched on gun violence briefly in Tuesday’s address, he has abandoned his call for broad measures in recent months.Instead, Obama also praised his health-care law, which is both the signature achievement of his administration and – because of the fraught rollout of last year – the centerpiece of Republicans’ case against him. Obama described the situation of an Arizona woman, Amanda Shelley, who he said had obtained coverage Jan. 1 because of the law. On Jan. 6, she had emergency surgery – which, Obama said, “would have meant bankruptcy” if she had not been covered.Then, after saying that the law had made changes for the better, Obama made a blunter argument aimed at congressional Republicans. No matter what they thought of the law, they now had no choice but to live with it.“I know that the American people aren’t interested in refighting old battles,” Obama said. “So again, if you have specific plans to cut costs, cover more people and increase choice, tell America what you’d do differently. Let’s see if the numbers add up. But, let’s not have another 40-something votes to repeal a law that’s already helping millions of Americans like Amanda. The first 40 were plenty.”On foreign policy, Obama highlighted the U.S. military’s withdrawal from the long war in Afghanistan, telling the public that the country could maintain a small force there for counterterrorism operations and to train Afghan troops. And he implored Congress not to pass new sanctions on Iran as the his administration attempts to negotiate a multilateral agreement with Tehran over its nuclear program.Wrapping up his address, Obama acknowledged Remsburg in the first lady’s box. Remsburg “never gives up, and he never quits,” Obama said, turning to a broader call on the nation to follow the soldier’s lead. “The America we want for our kids – a rising America where honest work is plentiful and communities are strong, where prosperity is widely shared and opportunity for all lets us go as far as our dreams and toil will take us – none of it is easy,” Obama said. “But if we work together, if we summon what is best in us, …. I know it is within our reach. Believe it.”Washington Post staff writer Ed O’Keefe contributed to this report. 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Ecuador seizes 200000 shark finsEcuador seizes 200000 shark fins

first_img Facebook Comments Recommended: Shark fin scandal in Costa Rica has Solís administration on the defensiveQUITO, Ecuador – Ecuador seized around 200,000 shark fins and arrested three suspected traffickers in Manta, the country’s main fishing port last week.Ecuadorian authorities reported that at least 300,000 sharks were killed by the traffickers, in one of the most serious environmental crimes reported in the country in years. Shark finning usually entails slicing the fins off the animals and tossing them back into the water to die.The fins were to be shipped to China and would have yielded up to $1.5 million, prosecutor Vicente Parraga told the social action platform Take Part.Interior Minister Jose Serrano announced the seizure on Twitter on Wednesday, posting pictures of rows, piles and bags of the dark-colored shark fins.http://Debemos terminar con estas redes delincuenciales q no miran mas q su interés económico destruyendo el ecosistema— José Serrano Salgado (@ppsesa) May 27, 2015 The shark fins were seized in several operations in the port city of Manta. Police did not specify how long ago the fins were harvested.Shark fins are coveted in Asia for medicinal purposes and due to the demand for shark fin soup, considered a delicacy. Their trade is banned in Ecuador.In Costa Rica, landing shark fins is prohibited unless they are attached to the shark’s body.Costa Rica lobbied to include three species of hammerhead sharks in Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in March 2013. CITES prohibits the export of threatened species, such as hammerheads, unless authorities can prove that the export will not affect the species by moving it from a threatened category to endangered.In February, the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) and Costa Rica’s CITES administrators granted an export permit for 1,200 kilograms of hammerhead fins, the equivalent of approximately 2,000 sharks. Last December, another export permit was granted for 411 kilograms of fins.Related: American Airlines says it won’t ship shark fins anymorecenter_img Related posts:Following public outcry, Costa Rica temporarily blocks exports of hammerhead shark fins US experts tracking wildlife trade help train Costa Rican customs inspectors Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson turns to human rights commission to block Costa Rica’s legal chase World Bank court orders Ecuador to pay $1.8 billion to US oil firm Oxylast_img read more