U.S. Marines visit the Brazilian Marine Corps

first_img The commander of the U.S. Marine Corps Forces South (MARFORSOUTH), Rear Admiral David W. Coffman and his staff visited the Commanding General of the Brazilian Marine Corps (CGMC), at the Sao Jose Fort, Ilha das Cobras, Rio de Janeiro, between February 19 and 22, with the objective of developing a closer professional relationship, visiting the Brazilian Marine Corps facilities, and evaluating new exchange opportunities between MARFORSOUTH and the Brazilian Marines Corps. The U.S. team attended an institutional lecture by General Fernando Antonio de Siqueira Ribeiro, Commandant-General of the Brazilian Marine Corps, followed by a business meeting in which they addressed issues of interest to both forces. At the end of the day, the Brazilian Marine Corps concert band played in tribute to the visitors, with a repertoire including popular classics from the U.S. and Brazil. On February 20, the U.S. team visited the Amphibious Division Command (ComDivAnf) and the Almirante Sylvio de Camargo Training Center (CIASC), where they attended lectures followed by a tour of the facilities, demos, a showcase of the Amphibious Division, and a presentation by the Marine Corps marching band at the CIASC. The following day, the Marines visited the Almirante Milciades Paul Adams Training Center (CIAMPA), the Marine Special Operations Battalion (BtlOpEspFuzNav), and the Marine Corps Doctrinal Development Command (CDDCFN). Major General Coffman attended the presentations of the commanders and visited the facilities in all units. He saw the indoor shooting simulators at the CIAMPA and the CDDCFN, and the runway magazine shooter at the BtlOpEspFuzNav. General Fernando Antonio was pleased with the positive results of the MARFORSOUTH delegation’s visit, stating, “Visits like this are essential to enhancing the good relationship MR. COMMANDER-GENERAL OF MY DEAR MARINE CORPS, MY NAME IS JOSE FERREIRA DE LIMA, I’M A RETIRED MARINE REGISTERED NUMBER 72.0358,62, I AM VERY PROUD THAT I WAS A MARINE DRAFTEE UNDER THE DEAR CAPTAIN’S COMMAND, AT RECIFE GROUP, COMMANDER NEVARES. TODAY I’M A TAX-PAYING TRADESMAN AT THE STATE OF PERNAMBUCO. SIR, I WAS VERY UPSET ABOUT WHAT RECENTLY HAPPENED HERE AT OLINDA CITY WITH THE MARINES WHO DIDN’T BEHAVE AS MARINES. EVERYTHING THAT I HAD TOLD MY CHILDREN REGARDING MY DEAR MARINE CORPS COMMAND WAS AT STAKE. NEVERTHELESS, I AM SURE THAT THE PUNISHMENT THESE MARINES WILL GET WILL NOT ALLOW THE SOCIETY IN GENERAL TO HAVE DOUBTS ABOUT WHO WE ARE. “AD SUMMUS”. By Dialogo March 09, 2014last_img