CIPD Conference highlights and exhibitors guide 2003

first_imgCIPD Conference highlights and exhibitors guide 2003On 21 Oct 2003 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article The CIPD’s annual conference is a feast for HR professionals looking tofurther their skills and knowledge, network and meet exhibitors.  Here Personnel Today picks out a few must-attend  seminars as well as providing a full list ofexhibitorsWednesday 22 October Opening keynote 16.00 – 17.30 – Good to Great: why some companies make the leap and others don’t Jim Collins Author of Good to Great and co-author of Built to Last. Thursday 23 October Leading Change 11.30 – 12.45 Speakers: Richard Coates, Head of Mergers and Acquisitions, Mercers HumanResource Consulting; David Jones, Senior Vice President – HR, GlobalManufacturing and Supply, GlaxoSmithKline; Chris Metcalfe, Group Job EvaluationManager, TOTAL Seminar Code: C2 – Information and Consultation Directive: raising competitiveness Chair: Mike Kinski, president, CIPD and Managing Director, Terra Firma CapitalPartners Ltd Speakers: Alan Johnson MP, Minister of State for Employment Relations, Industryand the Regions, DTI; Phillip Beaumont, Professor of Employment Relations,University of Glasgow; Allan Johnston, Executive Director, Corus Seminar code: C3 – Taking Risks Chair: Linbert Spencer, Consultant Speaker: Rene Carayol, formerly with Marks and Spencer and a board director atPepsi and IPC Magazines now writer, broadcaster and CEO of Business ConsultancySeminar code: C4 14.15 – 15.30 – How to Get the Best Out of your People: An interview with Sven-Goran Eriksson masterclass Interviewer: Rene Carayol, formerly with Marks and Spencer and Board Directorat Pepsi and IPC Magazines, now writer, broadcaster and CEO of BusinessConsultancy Speaker: Sven-Goran Eriksson, Coach to the England National Football Team Seminar code: D1 – How Do We Value Our People? Measuring human capital Chair: Neil Roden, Group Director Human Resources, Royal Bank of ScotlandGroup plc Speakers: Duncan Brown, Assistant Director General, CIPD; Denise Kingsmill,Deputy Chairman, Competition Commission Seminar code: D5– How to Develop Your HR Strategy: a practical approach Chair: Paul Turner, Vice President Europe, Middle East and Africa/AsiaPacific, Convergys Speakers: Kim Parrish, HR Director, Scottish & Newcastle Retail; NatalieWoodford, Vice President, HR, GlaxoSmithKline Seminar code: D7– Developing Women Leaders: are we serious? Chair: Nick Clarke, Presenter of the World at One, BBC Radio 4 Speakers: Susan Vinnicombe, Professor of Organisational Behaviour &Diversity Management, Cranfield School of Management Jean Tomlin, Group Director of Human Resources, Marks and Spencer plc; KarrenBrady, Managing Director, Birmingham City Football Club Seminar code: E7 Friday 24 October Keynote address 11.30 – 13.15 – W. Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne W. Chan Kim is the Boston Consulting Group; Bruce D. Henderson ChairProfessor of International Management, INSEAD; Renée Mauborgne is the INSEADDistinguished Fellow and Affiliate Professor of Strategy and Management atINSEAD and Fellow of the World Economic Forum. Creating a High Performing Organisation: ‘Tipping Point’ leadership and fairprocess 09.30 – 11.00 – Tackling Discrimination at Work Chair: Museji Ahmed Takolia, The Government’s Senior Advisor on DiversityStrategy and Equal Opportunities, Cabinet Office Speakers: Makbool Javaid, Partner and Head of Equality & Diversity, DLA;Sue O’Neill, Social Responsibility Manager – Diversity, B&Q Seminar code: F3 For a full listing of conference seminars and master classes, visit orcall the conference hotline on 020 8263 3434 fax: 020 8263 3814. Exhibition Stands Organisation                                                                                       Stand360 is us Limited                                                                                  Q177Abbey at work                                                                                     B39Academy of Executive Coaching                                                           B38 ACAS                                                                                                  A15Activate Outdoors Limited                                                                    B74Active Health Partners                                                                          M75Age Positive                                                                                         A34Alighn Ltd                                                                                            Q102Anglo American Book Co Ltd                                                              C56ASE                                                                                                     C17Ashorne Hill Conference Centre                                                            A30Ashridge                                                                                               M8ASK Europe Plc                                                                                  B71ASR Computers Limited                                                                       M9Assessment & Development Consultants Limited                                   M50 Assessors Online Ltd Association for Project Management                    B24 Association of Business Psychologists                                                   M62Organisation                                                                                       StandBarcelona Outdoor & Corporate Training                                             A9 Bartlett Scott Edgar Ltd                                                                        M2Bates Corporate Services                                                                     Q35BBC Learning                                                                                      A36Beadware                                                                                             Q116Belbin Associates                                                                                 C85Best Western Heart of England Hotels                                                  Q20Best Western Hotels                                                                             Q19BI                                                                                                        C73Bis-Web Ltd                                                                                        Q71Black Country Conferences                                                                  M64Blackpool Conference Bureau                                                              M64Blick UK Limited                                                                                 M43Bourton Group Bright Horizons Family Solutions                                   A69British Association of Conference Destinations                                      M64British Computer Society, The                                                              C59British Heart Foundation                                                                       B76BT Home Computing                                                                            Q10BT Workstyle                                                                                       B41BTEC from Edexcel                                                                             B37Bupa Cash Plan                                                                                    Q66BUPA Wellness                                                                                   Q101Busy Bees Childcare Ltd                                                                      C25Organisation                                                                                       StandCalder Conferences                                                                              Q74Candidate Manager                                                                              M95Capita Learning & Development                                                           A27Carval                                                                                                  Q1CASCAiD Ltd                                                                                     Q164CDS (Corporate Document Services)                                                   A1Ceridian Centrefile                                                                                A72Challenge LBD                                                                                     M66Charles Russell Solicitors                                                                      Q72Chartered Institute of Marketing                                                            B31Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development                                 M31 Chelsea Village                                                                                     Q23aCiA Training Ltd                                                                                   Q108CILT, the National Centre for Languages                                              M70City & Guilds                                                                                       C87CMPS                                                                                                 C61CMS Recruitment Advertising                                                               M26College of Executive Coaching                                                              B22Company Health Ltd                                                                            A16Conference Herefordshire                                                                     M64Connect Catering Ltd                                                                           C74aConsensus                                                                                            M81Corus Hotels                                                                                        A5Cottrills                                                                                                B1CragRats Action Training                                                                      Q17Cranfield School of Management                                                          B33Criterion Partnership Ltd                                                                       A29Croner                                                                                                 C40Croner Reward                                                                                    B52Organisation                                                                                       StandDearne Valley Business School                                                             M1Delta Partnership                                                                                  C99Department for Education & Skills                                                        C27Department of Trade and Industry                                                         A48Destination Durham Develop                                                                 A51Dickinson Dees Law Firm                                                                                                                                   B6Dolce Norton Manor International Conference Destinations                   C5 Dove Nest Group                                                                                 B78Dr Susi Strang and Associates                                                              C68DWF Solicitors                                                                                    C41Organisation                                                                                       StandEden Brown                                                                                         A8Edify Development Ltd                                                                         A25EEF Yorkshire and Humberside                                                            A24Emergency Planning College                                                                 Q39EMPLOYeSURVEYS Research and Consulting                                   B11Employment NTO                                                                                A11Epic Group plc                                                                                     A53 ERAS Ltd                                                                                            C54Ethos Consulting                                                                                   Q94Q99 ETS plc                                                                                                C98European Background                                                                          Q87European Centre for Business Excellence                                              C96Eversheds                                                                                             A39Express Medicals Ltd                                                                           M78Exult                                                                                                     Q42Organisation                                                                                       StandFair Play Partnership                                                                             B17fish4jobs                                                                                               A45Forum Conference Centre                                                                    Q37Fraser Hart Awards & Incentives                                                          Q170Frontier Software                                                                                 B79Fusions Training (UK) Ltd                                                                    B64Future-Wize Ltd                                                                                   Q46Organisation                                                                                       StandGEE Publishing                                                                                     B49Gender Trust, The                                                                                Q166Global Security Services                                                                       M14Global Synergy Solutions                                                                      Q60Global Visas                                                                                         C67Go MAD Ltd                                                                                       Q182Graduate Prospects Ltd                                                                        Q134Gradunet                                                                                              A79Grampian Software Ltd                                                                        C15Grass Roots Group, The                                                                       Q172Great Companies Consulting                                                                 B38Organisation                                                                                       StandHACAS Chapman Hendy                                                                    C55Halifax Plc                                                                                            M27Hargreaves Lansdown Corporate Solutions                                           M73Hay Group                                                                                           C33Haymarket Professional Publications Ltd                                               C93Health in Business/PES                                                                         C82Health Shield                                                                                        B80Hela Zone                                                                                            B38Hemsley Fraser Group Ltd                                                                   A52Henley Management College                                                                 M51ahfx Ltd                                                                                                 M69HM Prison Service                                                                               A38Home Office, The                                                                                 M21Horizon Recruitment Ltd                                                                       C103HR People, The                                                                                    M93HRD and Payroll Solutions                                                                   Q13HRHR Personnel Services Ltd                                                              A21HSA                                                                                                    B63HubSolutions                                                                                        B26Human Factors International                                                                 M44Human Resources                                                                                 B13Humanconcepts                                                                                    A9a Organisation                                                                                       Standi2i Training & Development                                                                   A30ICSA                                                                                                   Q85imc information multimedia communication                                             AGQ176 Impact Development Training Group                                                     B61Impromptu Ltd                                                                                     Q164Impromptu Ltd                                                                                     B31Inchcape Fleet Solutions                                                                       M98Incite UK                                                                                             M91Incomes Data Services                                                                         M57Infinite Possibilities Ltd                                                                          Q52Initial Style Conferences                                                                        Q3Innova International Consultancy/Momentum Radar                              Q161 Inside Housing                                                                                      C55aInspiring People                                                                                    Q36Instep (UK) Ltd                                                                                   B42Institute of Leadership & Management                                                  C62Institute of Public Finance                                                                     M82Integration International                                                                         M42Intellego Systems Ltd                                                                            C44Interflex Time and Access Ltd                                                               B83Investors in People UK                                                                         B53IOSH                                                                                                   Q94IQuentis Ltd                                                                                         C73aIrving & Irving Associates                                                                     A23Irwin Mitchell                                                                                       M51Organisation                                                                                       StandJCA (Occupational Psychologists) Ltd                                                  B74Jobcentre Plus                                                                                      A46Jones Kelleher and Associates Limited                                                  C8Jupiter Advertising Ltd                                                                          A35Organisation                                                                                       StandKane Communications                                                                          A65Karrass Europe                                                                                    A10KCS Management Systems                                                                  C60Kents Hill Park & Yarnfield Park                                                          B68kidsunlimited nurseries                                                                          B10Kirklees Conference Desk                                                                    Q37Kogan Page Publishers                                                                         B67KPMG People Services                                                                       B43Kronos Systems                                                                                   A58Organisation                                                                                       StandLakeside Management Development                                                     C74LeadChange Ltd                                                                                   Q25aLeapfrog Childcare Vouchers                                                               C12Learnership Ltd                                                                                    Q71Learning and Skills Council                                                                   Q21Leeds Met Training                                                                               B75Legal & General – Employee Benefits                                                    Q147Leicestershire Venues                                                                           M64Leisure Vouchers                                                                                  Q5LexisNexis UK                                                                                     C49Life Events                                                                                           B72Lindley Training                                                                                    M58Link HR Systems                                                                                  C4ListenHR                                                                                              Q27Living with Stress Ltd                                                                           Q24LivingWell Health Clubs                                                                        Q45Log Heights Ltd at Ripley Castle                                                          M72London Speaker Bureau, The                                                               A77Longhirst Hall                                                                              Ltd                                                                           M4Organisation                                                                                       StandMagistrates’ Association                                                                       C89Management Pocketbooks Ltd                                                             Q53 Management First from Emerald                                                           M18Manson Warner Healthcare Ltd                                                            B15Marston Hotels                                                                                     A67McCallum Layton                                                                                 Q47McLaren Solutions Ltd                                                                         C95Mediafour Ltd                                                                                      C100MHS (UK) (Multi Health Systems)                                                       C102Middlesex University Business School                                                   A59MOL                                                                                                   C14Moller Centre, The                                                                                                                                                           Q15Mosaic IDG Ltd                                                                                   Q60MPCG Limited                                                                                     B65MRI Worldwide                                                                                   M41MTa International C13NAPF                                                               C35Organisation                                                                                       StandNational Museum of Photography Film & Television                              M63 Newcastle Gateshead Convention Bureau                                             Q79Nice Work – employee benefits coaching/Miton Investments                 Q95 Nicola Price Coaching and Training                                                       Q99Nottingham Business School                                                                 M85Organisation                                                                                       StandO’Connor Design & Advertising                                                            B56 Occupational Testing Ltd                                                                      C18OCR                                                                                                    B19OGCbuyingsolutions                                                                             B96Onesimus                                                                                             B72Open University Business School                                                          C52OPP Limited                                                                                        C28Organisation                                                                                       StandPaperfree Systems Ltd                                                                          C50Parity/Vielife                                                                                         A49PBR Consulting                                                                                    C91Peak Training for Management                                                              Q57Penna Consulting plc                                                                             C53People Events                                                                                       Q104People Management                                                                             M31People Performance Magazine                                                              B84PEOPLE PICKERS uk Ltd                                                                  A47Peopleclick                                                                                           M28Pergamon Flexible Learning                                                                  C69Personnel Manager’s Yearbook, The                                                    B4Personnel Today                                                                                   B55Peter Bluckert Coaching                                                                       M19Peter Chapman & Associates                                                               C21Pilat HR Solutions                                                                                 C9Pinsents                                                                                                M59Pitman Training Group Plc                                                                    Q122Plantime c/o Group 4 Security Systems                                                 M49PMMS Consulting Group                                                                     M58aPositive Effects at Camp Hill                                                                 B16Principle Practice, The                                                                          C84PRO                                                                                                    Q90PSL – Psychometric Services Ltd                                                          A32Psychological Consultancy Ltd                                                              C90Psychological Corporation, The                                                            C20Psymmetry                                                                                           M61Psytech International Ltd                                                                       A61Purple Monster Training Ltd                                                                 C64Organisation                                                                                       StandQualifications & Curriculum Authority (QCA)                                       B81 Qwiz (UK) Ltd                                                                                     B2Organisation                                                                                       StandRAW                                                                                                   M53RDI                                                                                                      C3RE Austin Ltd                                                                                       Q171Recognition Express                                                                             Q29Recognition Systems                                                                             Q96Recruitment & Employment Confederation                                                                                                    B75aReed Executive                                                                                     B48Remploy Ltd                                                                                        M25Results Coaching Systems                                                                     A18RightCoutts                                                                                          B36Robinson Executive Centre                                                                   M60Roffey Park Institute                                                                             M83RTIX                                                                                                   M97RWD Performance Solutions                                                                B98Organisation                                                                                       StandSabre Employment Ltd                                                                         Q127SACO – The Serviced Apartment Company                                         A50Shire Hotels                                                                                          M52SHL (UK) Ltd                                                                                     C45Skill Boosters                                                                                       C34Skills for Business                                                                                 B58Skillsarena Ltd                                                                                      B27Smith Stone Walters Ltd                                                                       Q92Snowdrop Systems                                                                               M45Sodexho Prestige                                                                                  Q37Sona Positive Health Ltd                                                                       A19Spherion                                                                                               Q121Spring IT Training                                                                                 Q11Staffordshire & Stoke on Trent Conference Bureau                               M64 Storks Celebrations Ltd                                                                        B21Synectics                                                                                              M10Organisation                                                                                       StandTalent! Recruitment                                                                               A70Taskmanager Software Ltd                                                                   M48TEAL Consulting Ltd                                                                            Q156teamHR Limited                                                                                   Q50TeamTalk Interactive                                                                            Q23Tees Valley Tourism Bureau                                                                 M65Telford and Shropshire Conferences                                                     M64Test Agency Ltd                                                                                   A76 The FIT Corporation                                                                            Q99The Guardian                                                                                        C1The Strategy Room                                                                               C80Thomas International                                                                             A33Times Newspapers                                                                                                                                                         B94TMP/Hudson Human Resource Consulting                                            B54Todo Mundo Development                                                                                                                                        C75Total Conflict Management                                                                                                                                                 A64TQ Training Management Services Ltd                                                 C50Training and Development Solutions                                                      M68Trans4mation                                                                                        A57Tricho-Tech Drug & Alcohol Testing Services                                       Q68 TUC Partnership Insitute                                                                       C71Organisation                                                                                       StandUniversity of Huddersfield                                                                     Q37University of Leicester                                                                          M90Organisation                                                                                       StandVirgin Incentives                                                                                   Q155Vital Impact                                                                                          [email protected]                                                                                    Q165Vizual Business Tools plc                                                                      A56Voucher Association                                                                             Q110Organisation                                                                                       StandWarwick Conferences                                                                          C46Weetwood Hall Conference Centre & Hotel                                         B90WellWork Ltd                                                                                      Q25Westfield Contributory Health Scheme                                                  A3Whittlebury & Scalford Halls                                                                Q100Whitwell Training & Conference Centre                                                A51Wickland Westcott                                                                               A40William Reed Publishing                                                                        A17Windsor Training                                                                                  B38aWork Interiors                                                                                      A54Work Permits (UK)                                                                              M67Working Relationships                                                                          Q14Worktrain                                                                                             M23WPA                                                                                                                                                     M31Organisation                                                                                       StandXpertHR                                                                                              B55Xytec Diagnostics                                                                                 M42a Comments are closed. 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